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Is How To Keep A Mummy adorable enough to watch or is it too cute for its own good? Welcome to three episode report. Here, an anime series from the new season is given three episodes to prove it is good enough for the audience to continue watching to the end. Today’s series up for the Pass/Fail report is How To Keep A Mummy.


Sora Kashiwagi always gets sent weird and dangerous creatures from his father’s expeditions. When a large coffin comes to his house, Sora fears the worst. When he opens it up, he finds a mummy so small it can fit in the palm of his hand. Naming it Mii-kun, Sora soon finds big things come in small packages.


The biggest advantage this series has is just how cute Mii-kun is. He’s an adorable little Mummy and this is before any of the other adorable creatures which will be introduced which have already been featured in the opening.

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The comedy is also good at perfect level. Episodes are filled with little gags which help to keep the mood light and fluffy. No jokes seem forced and everything finds a way of blending together perfectly.

The opening and closing are very catchy. Especially the ending which features a very elaborate dance number. It won’t be surprising to see more extreme fans of this series performing the full dance on YouTube in the future.

How to keep a mummy


This is not exactly the most essential anime to in terms of content. There are no epic stakes or character development which will be present. There is also a pretty good chance Mii-kun will not unlock some hidden power in the future, become an ancient pharaoh of immense strength, and engaged in battle with a dark force. It’s banking on you wanting to enjoy something cute but if you are looking for more you are going to have to search elsewhere.


This series PASSES with flying colors. A cute little show which is the perfect thing to start the first anime season of 2017. Fun if you catch it but you won’t be out of luck if you let it slip through your fingers. If you like cute shows this one is perfect for you.

How To Keep A Mummy is streaming on Crunchyroll.