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Kevin Smith returns to his Clerks roots with Hollyweed, an irreverent, charming, and funny new TV series about a Los Angeles pot dispensary and its employees and customers.

Episode One ‘Pilot’
Starring: Kevin Smith, Donnel Rawlings, Frankie Shaw, Adam Brody, Ralph Garman and Jason Mewes
Written & Directed by: Kevin Smith

Hollyweed opens with two guys, Pete (Kevin Smith) and Nips (Donnel Rawlings), clipping weed plants while talking about pot and cracking jokes. The actors seem to be having fun, feeling each other out. The scene opens naturally and makes you chuckle, as any good sit-com cold open should. Fans will be instantly pleased to see that Smith still has a knack for witty dialog and observations. As the episode progresses, there are also some funny plot developments and supporting characters; it all flows easy enough in that comforting way sit-coms seem to unfold in.

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Donnell Rawlings & Kevin Smith

If the show suffers anywhere it’s a bit with the acting. But that’s mostly in the very beginning. It like the cast (Smith included as an actor and director) are trying to get a feel for what to do. But at around the midway point, when Frankie Shaw (as Brookline/Janet) has her scene with Smith, the actors and crew seem to find their groove. Donnel Rawlings especially has a few great moments and line deliveries in the final scene.Hollyweed

Overall, a pilot just serves to give you a feel for the characters and tone, and in this case, it’s definitely warm. That’s exactly how the whole show feels. Warm. Like being pleasantly high on a random weekday afternoon with the right people at the perfect place. Hollyweed is definitely worth taking a hit on.


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hollyweed-review'Hollyweed' is irreverent, charming, and funny. Its tone is warm and it has that comforting feel of a sit-com. Watching it is like being pleasantly high.