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While the mystery is intriguing, the newest Green Lanterns arc leaves much to be desired.

Last issue we had the beginning of a new creative run unfold for our Green Lanterns. A new threat has come to the DC Universe, and it’s up to the Lanterns to try and stop it. The problem is that it isn’t just an alien force that is causing trouble, but the Green Lanterns’ rings themselves have been turning against them. John Stewart’s ring refused to send out a distress signal when he was being attacked by invaders, causing his defeat. Jessica Cruz’s Ring shortly followed by giving her doubts about the other Green Lanterns, whispering like Sauron in Lord of the Rings. During all of this, however, a new mystery has risen, what Green Lantern would kill a Guardian?

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**Some Spoilers Below**

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As the Green Lanterns of Earth quickly rush the Guardian to a hospital, we see the fleet that defeated Stewart attacking a planet. While the Green Lantern Penelops tries to fight back this threat, the enemy leader Eon murders him. This allows the fleet to begin massacring the people of the planet with Star Wars Empire-esque weaponry. Meanwhile, the other Green Lanterns try to contain the disaster on planet Mogo while the body of the Guardian is being examined. After confirmation from the autopsy, it becomes clear that a Lantern murdered the Guardian.

This issue of Green Lanterns continues the mystery of the Green Lanterns’ ring, and while intriguing at times, overall it comes off being boring. Dan Jurgens appears to be going for a slow burn style with this story, allowing tension to build over time. The problem is that, even if it is a slow burn, a comic needs to entertain at the moment. There is only one scene of ring-slinging action, and it is only to create a dome. Not anything bizarre or creative as expected in a Green Lanterns story, just a dome. This story is trying to be a more subdued tale, with plenty of mystery to keep readers enticed. Unfortunately, that doesn’t make for a particularly exciting issue. Hopefully, things pick up soon because, at this rate, this run might lose the steam that it spent 49 issues building.



While it’s far from perfect, I have to admit Mike Perkins art is beginning to grow on this reviewer. The darker style that Perkins is going for matches the story, but can still be out of this world. The alien race we follow getting attacked are drawn very well, capturing the aquatic theme of the world. They aren’t the only ones either. All of the Green Lanterns are drawn fantastically but are still subdued enough to fit the narrative. Hopefully, we’ll get more action for Perkins to show off his skill as the story progresses.

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Second issue into the run and this reviewer is already bored. The mystery of the Green Lanterns’ rings is intriguing, but this story needs more. The art is steadily growing, and I feel it could soar if given a chance. We still have a ways to go before the end so let’s hope there is some action next time.

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green-lanterns-51-reviewWhile hinting at the menacing mystery, the current arc continues to feel dull.