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This issue of Green Lanterns lays out a mystery that shows off Jessica’s grown skill.

The last story arc for the Green Lanterns was arguably the series’ best arc. Jessica Cruz was able to face her demons in a nightmare world with Simon. They are trials and tribulations have made both characters stronger, as well as end the threat of the all too dangerous Singularity Jain. This was also the finale to Tim Seeley’s time on the book, which he had been covering since issue 33. Issue 50 will see a new team lead by Dan Jurgens, but we have one more adventure before that. So what story does guest writer Aaron Gillespie want to give our Green Lanterns?

Green Lanterns 48 cover

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**Some Spoilers Below**


We find our hero, Jessica Cruz standing amidst a destroyed city block on an alien planet. She has no idea how she got there, but a fellow Green Lantern places her under arrest. She took part in the destruction of the block and has stirred the Corps enough to have them all come after her. Realizing there is more to the story, Jessica manages to escape and begins to investigate what had transpired before her blackout.

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This story is a bizarre version of The Fugitive in space. The significant difference, however, is that it’s clear she is guilty, but we don’t know why. We get a few hints throughout, but the thick of it is Jess on the run. Halfway through, she has to leave her ring behind and, surprisingly, she is incredibly resourceful. It is interesting to see her get out of situations without her ring, as we only have seen her with it. It’s fun and almost makes me forget that we get very few answers. We’ll be getting the truth next issue, but after seeing Jessica go through so much, you’d hope to learn something. Sadly we don’t, but thankfully we won’t have to wait long.


While I might have had a problem with the story, the art was top notch. Ronan Cliquet is the illustrator of the issue, and he did a fantastic job. The designs of the aliens that Jessica encounter are creative and interesting to look at. The constructs are also a highlight thanks to the wonderful detail they are given. This fantastic art from Cliquet is wrapped up neatly with the masterful colors of Ulises Arreola Palomera. This team worked their magic on this story, and it looks great.

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This is one of those stories you need both to truly enjoy. Showing off how much Jessica has grown is fun to see, but it sacrificed learning more of what happened. There could have been an equal balance of the investigation and our rookie being amazing. The art makes it look great, but there’s sense of something missing that will eat at you.

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green-lanterns-48-reviewWhile it doesn't give many clues to the mystery that is laid out, it is fun to see Jessica's skills that she's grown into.