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The finale to the current Green Lanterns arc is emotional, powerful, and will make you care for the leads more than ever.

A few issues ago, Jessica Cruz made a deal with a villain named Singularity Jain to find her friends’ murderers. To do this, Jain opened a reality via black hole for her to relive the day of the murder within Jessica’s old Power Ring Persona. Simon follows her in, with the Justice League on standby, but soon realizes the world preys on the fear of the victim. He encounters the past Power Ring, as well as a clone of himself, but realizes this world will make Jessica into a monster. Will Simon stop her in time, or is this the end of the Green Lanterns of Earth?

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**Somes Spoilers Below**


Having fully embraced the darker Power Ring Persona, Jessica begins hunting down the murderers in her dimension. Simon intercepts her at every turn, trying his best to snap out of the craze. Meanwhile, in the real world, the League is shocked to see the black hole close, causing Singularity Jain to escape. As the League is defeated, John Constantine relays to Simon that Jessica is the only one to undo Jain’s works.

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This issue is a very satisfying conclusion to the arc. The emotional weight is felt on every page and in every line of dialogue between the two. While it isn’t a big, cataclysmic level threat, the personal feel of the situation will pull readers in and show why these Green Lanterns are more human than their predecessors. The only problem the comic has is within bits of the dialogue. There is a theme of knowing the difference between seeking justice and vengeance, but the dialogue feels off-putting. One moment, in particular, involved a speech Simon gives to Jessica. It’s so drawn out and heavy-handed, it tarnished the scene a little. Thankfully, the dialogue is only off two to three times across the issue, so it won’t ruin it for readers that badly.


V. Ken Marion is back to illustrate the issue and once again shows off his skill expertly. While the detail in the characters is fantastic, the highlight has to be the horrific elements of the Singularity Jain. The dark worlds that she creates as well as her powers are imaginative and very creepy. The colorwork of Dinei Riberio took this even further by sticking to the darker and sickly green colors throughout the arc. It’s fantastic art for a fantastic story and I’m glad this team knocked it out of the park.

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This arc is without a doubt the best arc in the entire series. It’s full of powerful and emotional moments that will make you love the characters more than ever. It has great art that shows off the horror of the situation but still captures the Green Lanterns feel. I highly recommend this entire arc for any fan of the Green Lanterns.

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green-lanterns-47-reviewThis issue wraps up the current Green Lanterns arc in spectacular, emotional fashion.