Goose IPA from Goose Island Brewing: A Hoppy Review

The Brewery

Goose IPA, although technically not a craft beer having sold its stock to Anheuser-Busch InBev in 2011, does have craft brewing roots. So, I bent my own rules a bit, as I’ve done before, to make an exception for this hoppy beer. I should also note that this is the first beer I’ve reviewed that was originally made by an American brewery, Goose Island Brewing—formerly Fulton Street Brewery—from Chicago, Illinois. Don’t feel bad, guys. We can’t all be Canadian.

First Sip

If it looks like an IPA, tastes like an IPA, and honks like an IPA, it’s an IPA. This beer goes after my bitterness receptors making my jaw clench and my mouth pucker. Beware: if you’re not a fan of bitter beers, this will take some getting used to. Goose IPA’s medium carbonation level allows its exceptional bitterness to hit the taste-buds hard.

Last Sip

For IPA lovers, this is a great beer to pick up. Others less inclined toward bitter flavours–those who generally drink lagers–probably won’t appreciate this beer’s bold flavour. As with most of the beers I review, I recommend drinking Goose IPA out of a glass, preferably a clear one so that you can enjoy its honey-amber colour.

Other Comments

Goose IPA
Don’t goose yourself, please enjoy responsibly

If you’re looking for a complex IPA, this one doesn’t have too much to offer. Although Goose IPA does have notes of citrus, as most IPA’s do, its predominant flavour is bitter. Unlike some other IPA’s that achieve a unique flavour, this one is pretty straight ahead. That being said, Goose IPA’s bitterness level is excellent, likely a result of using high quality ingredients such as Goose Island Brewing’s hops: fifty different types of hops are fastidiously produced at Elk Mountain Farms in Northern Idaho for Goose Island. But remember, this incredibly tasty IPA is a bit stronger than usual, weighing in at 5.9% ABV, so don’t enjoy too many of these in one sitting or you may end up honking yourself.

Michael Bedford
Michael Bedford
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