Monkeys Fighting Robots

So unless you live in one of the Dark Multiverse worlds, you surely heard the news about the DC Comics exclusive contract signed by super-scribe Brian Michael Bendis. This is huge news in the comics industry as Bendis has been largely credited with spearheading the modern Marvel Comics Universe, writing and creating many titles and characters.

So many fans are asking themselves “What now?”. Well, Bendis’ track record is pretty varied. He has written everything from teenage superheroes (Ultimate Spider-Man), gritty urban vigilantes (Daredevil), police procedurals (Powers), cosmic adventure (Guardians of The Galaxy) and noir (Alias/Torso/The United States of Murder).  With a resume like that he could tackle almost any kind of comic. So with that in mind, I propose five existing DC properties the writer would be great at. Keep in mind this is just MY opinion, as no one knows (yet at least) what Bendis may be writing.

What titles/characters do you want to see him write? Comment and discuss below!


1. Green Arrow

Green Arrow was the first one that came to mind for me, as Oliver Queen is the kind of character I would love to see spew some of Bendis’ well known excellent dialog. GA has always been a very vocal character with strong opinions and much to say. He is perfect for a wordsmith like Bendis. There is also a street level emphasis to Green Arrow that Bendis has excelled with in the past. Not to mention a great and extensive supporting cast as well.