Five Characters That Need To Be In ‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ Season 3

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‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ wrapped up a stellar second season this week on the CW. The season as a whole was very strong and has shown that a team show can work with the right mix of characters. Executive Producer Phil Klemmer recently stated in an interview that the third season will have new characters. While nothing has been formally announced, it got us thinking about who we’d like to see join the Legends for their third season.

5Animal Man


3Blue Beetle – Ted Kord

2Booster Gold

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  1. I think maybe one the x-man should join the show like maybe Rogue or what if a villain joyed the legend like cat woman or some one from the 30 century or some else from another time but I do like the sound of Zatanna..

  2. Time jump to the 31st century & have the Legion of Super-Heroes appear. This could also work as an introduction to the team so they could spinoff into their own TV series.

  3. Zantana is the Daughter of Golden Age Hero, Zantara – not Doctor Fate

    Phil Klemmer also started he use DC Characters not from the comics.

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