Five Characters That Need To Be In ‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ Season 3

Monkeys Fighting Robots

‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ wrapped up a stellar second season this week on the CW. The season as a whole was very strong and has shown that a team show can work with the right mix of characters. Executive Producer Phil Klemmer recently stated in an interview that the third season will have new characters. While nothing has been formally announced, it got us thinking about who we’d like to see join the Legends for their third season.

5Animal Man

We’ve already discussed in detail why we think Buddy Baker deserves his own show. Joining the legends would be a good way for him to get his foot in the door. In the finale, Vixen stated that she would be leaving the team. Buddy would be an ideal replacement for her in terms of powers and temperament.

An Avatar of the Red, Buddy has similar powers to Vixen but doesn’t need a totem to activate them. He can do everything she can and more. As a family man, it would be interesting to watch how he fares aboard the waverider without his wife and children. This would give the writers a chance to bring aboard a more fatherly figure to look out for the team.

Trouble in Paradise?

If Vixen does decide to stay it would be interesting to see the chemistry between the two. In the Animal Man comics, Buddy and Vixen were drawn to each other romantically due to their connection to the Red. The two couldn’t help but have a secret dalliance, an act that caused Buddy to question his own moral compass and the effects his connection to the red had on him. This would be a good way to bring some new relationship drama for Nate and Amaya.

Animal Man and Green Arrow have also worked together in Justice League United. The two shared a strong bromance and a mutual respect. It would be nice to see the softer side of Oliver McQueen and a future crossover episode could highlight the fun these characters have when they’re interacting with each other. Especially after the rough year that Oliver has had.


The CW has already established both magic and Constantine in their universe. Adding Zatanna would be a stroke of genius. Especially as it’s been confirmed that Matt Ryan will be reprising his role of Constantine in the CW Seed animated series.

The daughter of  Golden Age hero Giovanni “John” Zatara and adept at backward magic Zatanna is no stranger Constantine. The on again off again pair have a very murky history together. It would be fun to see this play out over the season. Alternatively having their history as a footnote in her life, it would be good to see a stronger mature Zatanna that has no time for Constantine. Both options leave the door open for Matt Ryan to appear in the show without having to be a regular feature.

Adding a magic user to Legends would bring an interesting skill set to the team and open the door for some interesting story lines. Who wouldn’t like to see White Canary and Zatanna in Salem during the witch trials? With a team who are heavily based in science, it would be interesting to mix it up with the supernatural.

Justice League Dark

As the leader of the Justice League Dark Zatanna isn’t lacking in power either. She is more than capable of holding her own when needed. Although the show has dealt with Damien Darhk, there is no shortage of magical characters that the producers could use for a third season villain. The Legends vs Felix Faust or Nick Necro would make for some captivating television. The magic side of the CW’s DCU has been seriously under-represented. With Constantine getting a CW Seed show and Zatanna appearing on Legends this would be a good way of showing that DC has a lot more to offer than superheroes.

3Blue Beetle – Ted Kord

Ted Kord would be a fun addition to the team due to the number of times Kord Industries has been mentioned through various shows. It would be great to watch him and Martin interacting together and another mature character on the team would be a good way to mix up the team dynamic.

With a genius level IQ, he would also be able to give The Atom a run for his money. With the four-part crossover bringing The Dominators into the CW Universe it would be a chance to see this side of the DCU explore. Despite forgoing the scarab that serves the 3rd Blue Beetle Jaime Reyes. Kord is often shown as having an affinity with alien technology. Something that could prove to be a valuable asset to the legends.

Whilst having no superpowers of his own, Kord relies on his brains and his tech. Admittedly this sounds a lot like The Atom but Blue Beetle is more than capable of holding his own in a fight. As a firm fan favorite, it’s his interactions with number four on the list that would help to separate him from Ray Palmer.

2Booster Gold

Hailing from the 25th Century Booster Gold has always held a special place in the hearts of comic fans. His overall story can be confusing at times due to his time jumping antics which means he would fit in nicely with the team. The fame hungry and glory loving Booster would make a brilliant addition and add some interesting tension with his son – the returning Rip Hunter.

Another character without any metahuman abilities Booster Gold uses technology from the future to showboat his way to glory. Aside from mixing up the team dynamic, having Booster on the team would be an interesting way to add to Rip Hunter’s story which at times felt very flat during season Two.

With strong links to the time masters, Booster Gold would give the show a chance to reintroduce the organization. Thus opening the door for a host of new stories in their third year.

Another magic character but with a difference. Much like Firestorm, Ertigan is the combination of two people. Jason Blood was a knight in the court of Camelot before being bonded to the Demon Etrigan by Merlin. With immortality at his disposal Jason Blood has spent a lifetime trying to control the rhyming monster within.

With the introduction of Camelot this season, adding Blood to the Legends would be another foothold in the magic side of the DCU. It would be interesting to watch the struggle of Blood Vs Etrigan. With Constantine on the CW Seed and Etrigan having a revival due to Justice League Dark animated movie; it makes sense to bring a semi-established magic user to the CW Universe.

Etrigan is commonly known for his brute strength. It would be fun to watch him interact with Heatwave. With Mick turning his back on Captain Cold in the finale, the two could form a strong bond over constantly being mistrusted by the team. With these two characters on the ship, it would be a good way to bring out another side of Heatwave.

What do you think of the list? Agree or Disagree? Who would YOU like to see on the roster? Comment below and let us know.

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