‘Constantine’ is Reborn on CW Seed and Matt Ryan Returns to Voice Him

The CW is on a roll with announcements, Constantine returns as a series on CW Seed. Thanks to TVLine we know that John Constantine is back with Matt Ryan returning to the role to voice him. After Matt Ryan’s appearance on Arrow as John Constantine, everyone was wondering if there would be more, now we know. As for actual knowledge of the new series, that is less clear. All we know is that episodes will be about ten minutes and the series will run for six to seven episodes. There’s no official date for when the series will launch on the CW Seed site. We’ll know more on this series in the months to come but I can imagine already, fans are getting excited.

All I can say, it’s about time that Constantine made a comeback.

This is great news as now we know that in at least in animated form, we are getting more of this great character. It goes to show you how beloved the series is that even now, fans still want more Constantine. We still know next to nothing outside of the bare bones details off of TVLine, but this is cool. Personally, I’ll be keeping track of these developments as I’ve been wanting more of the show myself. It’s a great day to be a fan of John Constantine for sure, especially Matt Ryan’s take on the character.

Now I want to hear from you all in the Monkeys Fighting Robots Universe, what do you think? Whatever pops into your head on this, feel free and leave us a comment below, we will be happy to hear from you. This has definitely made a quiet Sunday a lot of fun. From this perspective, John Constantine has a bright future ahead of him on The CW, in one form or another.

Wesley Messer
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