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If you were expecting “another RICK & MORTY,” think again. FINAL SPACE, the brand new TBS animated series, is its own flavor of comedy. Some of the same insane sensibilities run through both shows, as do the crazy sci-fi settings and creatures. What makes FINAL SPACE stand out is the fast-paced dialogue, and the focus on a season-wide narrative. FINAL SPACE is not faultless, but what the first two episodes showcase is a fun new watch.

The evolution of FINAL SPACE is fascinating to see. The original FINAL SPACE pilot was released by Olan Rogers on YouTube nearly a year ago. Since then, the characters have gone through a redesign, broadening its scope. The new show follows Gary (Olan Rogers), a prisoner aboard an abandoned spaceship, who must protect Mooncake, an impossibly adorable Planet-Killer. The first two episodes illustrate how Gary gets out of prison, and goes on an epic quest to protect Mooncake.

FINAL SPACE manages to find a great way to balance out the humor and gravity of the show. The series wastes no time introducing its major players, including bounty hunter Avocato (Coty Galloway) and warden A.I. HUE (Tom Kenny). FINAL SPACE is dense with plotting, but the plot moves with many hilarious gags along the way. The animation is sharp, and the jokes fly a mile a minute. The series threads its unique voice through even the most dramatic moments of the first two episodes.

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The series also boasts an incredible voice cast. Rogers and Galloway are reprising the roles they played in the original pilot. The series has also added big names like Gina Torres, Steven Yeun, and Conan O’Brien. Special recognition goes to David Tennant, who shows an insane range of his talent as the Lord Commander. They way all of the actors lend their talents to the series makes it an exciting new series.

While the show’s unique voice makes it stand out, it also slows things down a bit. The humor is strong, but the characters can sometimes feel too chatty. Since the show is a loud and crazy sci-fi show, you might not expect a lot of talking. The fact that these characters talk isn’t a bad thing, it’s merely something that may throw you off when you watch the show.

Overall, these first FINAL SPACE episodes are solid and enjoyable. Even though it’s a bit dialogue-heavy, the dialogue is funny, and the series works well. It will be fascinating to see how the season follows through with all the elements it has introduced.


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