Monkeys Fighting Robots

For fans still bemoaning the cancellation of Firefly, a glimmer of hope and nostalgia has appeared. Although Joss Whedon’s space-Western series has been off air for years, it still has a passionate fanbase. Even with this cult following, there don’t seem to be any plans to reboot the series. Especially as the film follow-up Serenity wrapped up much of the major plot lines. But now, animator Stephen Byrne has imagined what it might look like if Firefly was given new life.


The trailer picks up from where Serenity left our intrepid crew of renegades. All of the original characters are depicted (including our dearly departed Wash), as well as Chiwetel Ejiofor’s character The Operative. There’s no dialogue or story hints, but it’s chock full of beautiful visuals. We see a Reaver attacking Kaylee, Mal and Inara making out, and River Tam kicking major robot butt. It’s got everything you could want out of a Firefly reboot, if one were to ever happen. Obviously, this animated show isn’t a real thing, but it’s a wonderful dose of what made fans love the original series.

This isn’t the first time Stephen Byrne has tackled a beloved Whedonverse property. About a year ago, Byrne released a trailer for “The Animated Adventures of Buffy,” picking up where the series left off. The animated Buffy trailer also contained plenty of Easter eggs, nostalgia goodness, and a reminder that there WAS almost a Buffy cartoon. Byrne has also created a trailer for a Doctor Who animated series, as well as small Batman V Superman sketch.

The trailer may not be for a full-fledged series, but it’s still amazing to watch and get nostalgic over. Check out Byrne’s Facebook page for more of his work!

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