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Mimic loses his groceries, an Angel doesn’t get his wings, and Ahab gains a new Hound all in this week’s EXTERMINATION #2 as Ed Brisson opens his second installment of the series and tries to put young Hank, Scott, Bobby, Warren, and Jean back where they belong.

WRITTEN BY:  Ed Brisson
ART BY: Pepe Larraz
COLORS: Marte Garcia
LETTERS: Joe Sabino


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EXTERMINATION #2 opens with the young Cable shooting Mimic in the middle of the grocery store (possibly killing him) and then heading to the X-Mansion to attempt to capture the young Beast, Angel, Cyclops, and Marvel Girl. Young Cyclops and Marvel Girl put up a good fight against Cable however he escapes with Angel and later cuts off his wings.

Meanwhile, during the fight with Cable outside, the other X-Men are met by Ahab and his Hounds from the future inside the X-Mansion. As the issue ends, it appears as though Old Man Logan has become one of Ahab’s new Hounds. Are Ahab and Cable connected? Why are people from the future hunting down X-Men? Furthermore, what’s the real purpose of this event? We will have to wait to get more answers in EXTERMINATION #3.


What’s The Point?

This issue felt busy, cluttered, and gave very few reactions or purpose moving forward. Brisson appears to be throwing every X-Men in the tool shed at the readers to mask the lack of answers and intention of the narrative. Why is a young Cable hunting or trying to kill the original, time displaced, X-Men? Brisson gives no clues as to the purpose of the event.

Brisson has told readers the same story throughout the first two comics in the series without any new information. The characters now know young Cable is hunting the O.G.’s, but fans already knew his material prior. Brisson needed to progress the story much further than this, especially with only three more parts remaining.  For example, Brisson begins the story by killing, tranquilizing or possibly shocking Mimic. However, nothing is addressed about it after the fact. Why would Cable take him out? What is the importance of this event to the plot?

The only new information readers get is Mimic is shot, Cable is desperate, Angel gets his wings cut off, and Old Man Logan is now a hound for Ahab.  However, none of this seems like pertinent information to the story. Is Brisson hiding a lack of plot and design with loud action, fantastic art by Pepe Larraz, and classic fan favorites? So far, readers aren’t any farther ahead in the story than page one of issue one. With only three more issues to go, Brisson will need to regurgitate answers fast to make sense out of this story.


The Art

Larraz’ art is brilliantly vibrant, clear, and immediately grabs fans attention from the second page as Cable is standing over Mimic gunned down in a grocery store. His style fits perfectly for the X-Men universe, and Larraz probably seized the opportunity to work on this comic with Brisson for the amazing cameos of heroes sprinkled in on each page. Even though Larraz’ art is incredibly detailed and dynamic, its Marte Garcia’s colors that truly help to bring the page to life. The radiant colors of energy blasts and explosions amplify the intensity of the action throughout the issue.

If there were one small issue, it would be with the overly dark and shadowy faces of the X-Men, especially outside of the mansion during the rainstorm. Garcia was attempting to set the mood and foreshadow the upcoming battle. However, the facial reactions of the characters are also important in telling the story and can add just as much to the climate and tone of the issue.


Should you buy this issue and/or add this to your pull list?

Yes, but proceed with caution. If you want to see the original Fab Five, phenomenal art, as well as tons of X-characters, this series is totally up your alley. If you’re searching for direction and answers moving forward with the X-characters, all X-series, and continuity, you won’t get them this week.

Maybe Brisson will give fans these answers soon but with three issues left readers can only hope that the X-Men can return to the days of old. Therefore, be vigilant as you advance through the remaining issues.  Currently, the series primarily seems like a way to showcase X-Men. Hopefully, EXTERMINATION doesn’t exterminate what’s left of the X-universe and their distinguished tradition.

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extermination-2-review-searching-for-a-purposeMimic loses his groceries, an Angel doesn't get his wings, and Ahab gains a new Hound all in this week’s EXTERMINATION #2 as Ed Brisson opens his second installment of the series and tries to put young Hank, Scott, Bobby, Warren, and Jean back where they...