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Suicide Squad #43 features a very raw, physical and emotional confrontation between ‘Squad regular Deadshot and the Dark Knight himself, Batman. Series writer Rob Williams was awesome enough to answer a few questions (and provide us with some exclusive images) for tomorrow’s issue. Check out the interview and preview gallery below, and be sure to check out our review of the book too.

Monkeys Fighting Robots: Obviously, Deadshot and Batman have always been two fan-favorite characters but what is it about their relationship and dynamic that appeals to you as a writer?
Rob Williams: They have history. It was Batman who inspired Floyd Lawton to start living the life. So there’s a connection there. They’re both fathers. That’s a key aspect of this tale. But clearly, they’re very different. Deadshot’s a killer-for-hire. But Batman, I think, sees more in him. The chance for redemption. Whether Deadshot’s beyond that? We’ll see.

How do they appeal to you as a fan then?
Are you kidding? It’s BATMAN. Writing him’s a joy. And Deadshot’s such a cool character. I’ve loved writing him in the 40-plus issues I’ve had on Suicide Squad. Pairing them together to go on the run in a mismatched super-buddy ‘movie’? It’s a blast.

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What made you chose to tell this story from Floyd/Deadshot’s point of view?
Suicide Squad‘s a team book, so it’s a nice change of pace to concentrate on one character. Deadshot, traditionally, always wanted to die on his missions. But his relationship with his daughter has changed that for him. It’s not the usual Deadshot tale as he’s not got a target to hit for money. He’s trying to save his daughter, who’s been kidnapped by Kobra. So, he’s in the hero position here – trying to save someone.

Did you always have this fight in your mind for these two?
Yeah, there’a desert punch up that I was very keen shouldn’t be a traditional super-fight. It’s a brutal, Raging Bullesque, final round of Rocky bare-knuckle bruise-up.

Why do you think Batman has faith in Deadshot?
Batman saves people. That’s what a hero does. But I think he sees something more in Deadshot. He may be wrong.

So can there be true redemption for him?
You’ll have to read the story to find out. But Deadshot’s killed a LOT of people in his life. There’s a good reason he’s behind bars.

Any big plans for Zoe Lawton going forward?

That’s not for me to say. She may not make it out of this alive.

Do you have a favorite ‘Squad member to write for?
Boomerang. All day long. The biggest scumbag of the lot. But with a heart of gold… No, wait. He’s not got a heart of gold at all. He’s a wrong ‘un. But he’s so cowardly and not that bright – he brings the joy.

Did your time on Judge Dredd influence anything in your DC work?
I’m not sure there’s direct influence. Suicide Squad does have a rather subversive, acerbic 2000-esque tone, I guess.

Suicide Squad #43 is out tomorrow (June 13th, 2018) in comics shop everywhere.