Everything #2 combines the weird and the psychedelic, telling a story like no other.

Evil Looms in the Horizon in EVERYTHING #2

Even the most die-hard mall haters will be shocked by the revelations presented EVERYTHING #2, which releases this Wednesday from Dark Horse Comics. Sometimes corporate greed is a good enough reason to hate mega shopping centers. And then, there are days where you wish that were all that was wrong.

This cover makes you wonder what’s about to happen.


Things have been strange ever since the new mall moved in…and not in the way one would expect. Everything takes every dark thought and horror a person can have and mashes it into a consumer environment. The end result is something odd and disturbing.

Everything #2 continues to take the everyday items and turn them into something more sinister. While it may be a series full of bright colors – it is surely anything but a happy and cheerful tale. The real question on readers’ minds is: what exactly is happening here?

There is a lot of information stuffed into the second issue in the series, leaving plenty for us readers to pick up between the lines. Or between the panels, as it were. There are still many answers to be found. And the characters within the series are not doing much better, in regards to figuring things out.

Something seems a little bit broken about her…

Just by looking at the cover of Everything #2, it’s clear that things are about to take a more surreal turn. And believe us, this issue more than keeps to that promise. The leaning towards the weird and inexplicable is getting stronger, as is our fascination with what is happening.

Christopher Cantwell’s storytelling style is a unique one – merging multiple perspectives and tales alongside mock brochures; the result is something mildly off-putting. And there’s no doubt that this was the intention the whole time.

Each of the characters and perspectives in this tale has a purpose – but that seems to be varying dramatically. Some seem to be naive victims; others are coming off as significantly more sinister. It’s impossible not to theorize how all of their stories will end up tying together.

Actually, all of the perspectives seem to be having trouble in this issue…

With a plot as strange as this one, it’s probably no surprise to hear that the artwork can be a bit psychedelic at times. The surreal elements mash together with vibrant colors, creating something that’s both fascinating and perturbing.

I.N.J. Culbard was the artist for this issue, and he nailed the details in this issue. Some of the characters were indescribably and undeniably off in their behaviors and movements. It’s the sort of off that once you notice, you can’t stop noticing. And that single element sets the tone for the entire issue.

Steve Wands provided the lettering for this issue, and his work complemented the artwork and the story nicely. The lettering in the retro ads was exceptionally well done, but even the more minor elements were efficient and elegant.

There is something oddly enchanting about this scene, isn’t there?

Everything #2 was an eerie and fascinating tale – proving that horror can come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. The mystery inside what is happening has continued to expand, leaving readers more curious than ever.

Cat Wyatt
Cat Wyatt
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Everything #2 combines the weird and the psychedelic, telling a story like no other. Evil Looms in the Horizon in EVERYTHING #2