Duplass Brothers Return To HBO With Anthology Comedy ‘Room 104’

Togetherness, the mature dramedy from Mark and Jay Duplass, left this world way too soon. It only lasted two seasons before HBO prematurely cancelled the program, but the cancellation didn’t completely stranded their relationship. The filmmaking brothers are back to work with the folks in the Home Box Office offices with Room 104, a brand new anthology series. But there’s a twist: it’s a comedy.

As Collider reported, Room 104 will center around a single, average hotel room. In each episode, it will tell a new story focused on the people renting the room or passing through. It’s certainly an interesting idea, if one that might lend itself to some hit-and-miss material perhaps. Surely not every story will be as good as the other, but the Duplass brothers are known for their quality storytelling and their deep intimacy, so this sounds right up their territory. Here’s hoping for the best.

Here’s what the brothers wrote in a press release:

We’ve all seen stories set in seedy motels and high-class international resorts, but for years we’ve been fascinated by the funny, weird, sad, scary, absurd things going down in that corporate chain hotel near the airport. That’s what Room 104 is after… finding some magic in the seemingly mundane.

Again, that sounds right up the Duplass’ brothers alley. “Magic in the seemingly mundane?” That’s where they excel, especially with Togetherness‘ past season. There’s no word yet on when Room 104 will premiere, although a 2017 debut is assumed. Production begins later this year, according to the press release. Additionally, HBO still houses Animals, which is executive produced by the Duplass brothers and is renewed for a second season. They’re really forging their own path on the station. Here’s hoping they can give these shows a longer stay on the station.

Will Ashton
Will Ashton
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