HBO cancels ‘Togetherness’ after two seasons

Well, this stinks. HBO has decided to pull the breaks on Togetherness, the adult-oriented dramedy from creators Mark Duplass, Jay Duplass and Steve Zissis, therein by making the season two finale on April 10th double as its series finale. Deadline reported on the news. I could certainly use a hug about now.

Though the show has been critically-acclaimed from the beginning, earning a formidable fanbase in the process, it remained just a little too niche for the Home Box Office. And considering the plot centers around four middle-aged LA wannabe-hipsters showing their vulnerabilities and yelling at each other while trying to make sense of their lives and marriages, it understandable why the show didn’t pick up a bigger following. But compared to Girls —which always aired before  — it wasn’t too different in style and tone. The biggest difference was Lena Dunham’s show (which has been kicking ass this season, by the way) gained a wide cult-following from the start, cementing it as a hit well throughout its ongoing five season run.

Despite the goodwill of the cast — which included Mark Duplass, Melanie Lynskey, Zissis, Amanda Peet and Peter Gallagher — Togetherness was never going to be as universally beloved and noticed. And that’s only appropriate. It’s just a shame that meant it couldn’t live on longer, though. If you’re interested, Mark Duplass has also issued a statement about the news on his Twitter account. You can read that here.

As I noted in my second season review for Cut Print Film (which you can read here, if you’re interested), it always worked best as longer, more expansive Duplass brothers movie — especially this year, as the sibling directors took over writing and directing duties for all eight episodes and really made it feel like their own, appropriately honing in their style and sensibilities with acute precision. It was easily among their best work to date as filmmakers. And while they won’t get to work with these characters anymore, it’ll be nice to see how they’ll use this experience to expand themselves from here-on-out.

I’m certainly bummed, but I have no doubt everyone involved will get on their feet in no time. And without getting into spoilers, the last episode works great as a series finale. I’m just saying. So at least it’ll end on a high note, if a fairly premature one at that. And if there was one thing Togetherness wasn’t, it was premature. But there’s always a first for everything, even at the end.

Will Ashton
Will Ashton
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