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This chapter of Doomsday Clock pushes the story further as the DC and Watchmen characters connect through their adventures.

It has been a while since the last issue of Doomsday Clock has graced comic stands. Last time, we saw the origins of the new Rorschach, as well as him adjusting to Arkham. Before long, a blonde woman who has not been seen since the start of DC Rebirth approaches him with the idea to escape. With the mission being the one thing on his mind, Rorschach agrees to escape with her. With the pair now escaping Arkham Asylum, what will their next course of action be?

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**Some Spoilers Below**


After stealing their uniforms back, it is revealed that the blonde woman is an amnesia-struck Saturn Girl of the Legion of Superheroes. She agrees to help Rorschach find Dr. Manhattan but believes they need to find a ‘great big light’ to attract him, which sends them to Pittsburgh. Meanwhile, Ozymandias escapes police custody and comes face-to-face with Batman. Before they can have any form of agreement, the cops show up for both of them. As they escape, more anti-Superhero riots begin as they hunt for the Dark Knight. While all these events are going on, Lex Luthor has recovered from his injury and speaks to Lois, stating that a member of the Justice League had formed the political conspiracy against superheroes.

If it wasn’t made clear by the summary, there are a ton of branching paths throughout this issue. It’s amazing to finally see the characters of the Watchmen universe interact with those of the DC universe. Of all the storylines so far, it is the Rorschach/Saturn Girl story I want to see more of, especially after its jaw-dropping cliffhanger ending. The other stories are told masterfully as well, progressing the story, but leaving enough mystery to entice readers. That being said, while all are intriguing, it’s beginning to feel crowded. I want to read about all these stories, but we are now months apart regarding release dates. A story this size should come out more frequently if DC wants to keep readers invested because the story itself is fantastic.


What can I say about Gary Frank’s art that hasn’t been said before? It’s dark, yet beautiful, and fits the story perfectly. There are scenes throughout that capture a feeling of dread that reaches out and grabs the reader. The amount of detail in the violence helps to grab the reader as you will feel every broken bone shown on the page. Gary Frank is a master at his craft, and it is illustrated well in this series. What else can be said?


Doomsday Clock has not lost its quality despite it being delayed. There are several stories, each equally investing, that will take hold of readers until the last page. The art is phenomenal as usual, fitting the dark, cruel world this takes place in. I highly recommend picking this issue up and enter this world yourself.

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doomsday-clock-5-reviewThis chapter of the Doomsday Clock saga sees the characters of DC and Watchmen team up to further their goals.