Doom & Wasp Take Over ‘Avengers’ #7

Now that all the Kang time traveling adventures are over, writers Mark Waid & Jeremy Whitley begins the next chapter. Avengers #7 sees Doom and Wasp take center stage.

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Victor Von Doom bails the Avengers out of a magical threat. Nadia Pym (Wasp) shares her obsession and admiration for Doom’s scientific achievements. Doom enlists the team for a collaboration in order to stop a magical occurrence happening at a teenage Girl Scout camp.

Doom continues his mission to do right by the world, finally collaborating with other superheroes. Infamous Iron Man has been a really fun series, that spills over into this issue. With Marvel Legacy around the corner, they should get as weird as possible with Avengers before the “reset/not reset.”

Avengers Nadia Doom

This was another great issue for Nadia, she’s been a surprisingly enjoyable new character. Between Avengers and Unstoppable Wasp, the characterization may differ, but she’s consistently fun to read.

Now that this team of Avengers is more acquainted with each other, Waid & Whitley should be able to deliver more stories like this. Especially if Doom is to become a permanent member. They look great together in every panel, even with leaving Vision behind for this mission.

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Mark Waid and Jeremy Whitley have a handle on these characters, achieving fun little moments through dialogue without taking up too much space on the page. This issue in particular was a tight, contained tale that’s cliffhanger teases the subject of the next arc.

The mysterious Avenger X seems to be returning from the grave. Just recently, Waid told the story of her origin and involvement with the team in Avengers #5.1, which is also a good read.

Avenger X

The art in this issue takes a different form from the first six issues. This new approach is more conventional for an Avengers title. The water color worked well for Kang’s excellent time travel adventures, but it was wise to tone it down for this. It’s still very much a different looking Avengers book compared to others from the past, one that should be celebrated.

Avengers #7 is well worth your time, it’s a nice and refreshing pallet cleanser after a long arc. Finally seeing Doom team-up with other heroes is a satisfying experience that I sincerely hope isn’t over.

Brandon J. Griffin
Brandon J. Griffin
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