The Announcement Of The Thirteenth Doctor Elicits Quite A Response

Doctor Who fans everywhere waited with bated breath as the Wimbledon men’s final concluded and BBC announced the identity of who would be taking over the role of the good Doctor. Jodie Whittaker, who gained fame for her tremendous work in the show Broadchurch was announced as the 13th Doctor and social media went into overdrive. The majority of it was extremely positive. Check out Alex Kingston (best known for playing River Song) and her reaction on stage at a local comic-con.

Check out the reaction of Pearl Mackie (the actress who will more than likely be playing her companion on the show)

Fans, however, seemed to be somewhat conflicted about the decision. Many of them took to social media to voice their displeasure. Check out some of their posts 

Once again it looks like we have a case of those same people who were up in arms about the Ghostbusters reboot voicing their displeasure because God forbid a woman takes over any role a man used to occupy. Obviously, a man is only capable of playing an alien time traveler who fights weird looking aliens with a screwdriver and travels in a phone booth. How dare we assume that any lady has the talent to pull that off? What’s sad is that I only posted a few of the negative reactions to the casting announcement and could have posted much more. Fans have to understand that traditions evolve and that times change. The type of hate that Paul Feig and Leslie Jones got for simply just being in a movie last year was disgusting. Let’s just keep calm and give this a chance. If after the Christmas special, Ms. Whittaker doesn’t live up to the fans’ expectations then they’ll end up replacing her based on the quality of her work. It’s been done before.

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