How ‘Doctor Strange’ Sets Up A Great Marvel Villain

This Article Contains Major Spoilers For Doctor Strange!

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a great big success. Since Iron Man Marvel Studios has come to dominate the comic book genre, and Doctor Strange is another successful feat,  but the films Marvel produce do have their faults. It is a well agreed upon statement that because Marvel takes such an in-depth look at its heroes, the studios greatest villains are often left out in the cold.

Doctor Strange

I would argue that Doctor Strange introduces audiences to Marvel’s best villain in years. Mads Mikkelsen’s Kaecilius, while not a great villain does open the door for the introduction of multiple Marvel villains. Not only does the film introduce audiences to Dormammu a giant demonic monster who dwells in the Dark Dimension but we are also teased with a dark turn in Chiwetel Ejiofor’s character Baron Mordo.

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The problem Marvel has with its villains is that they don’t take the time to develop what could be great characters. A lot of the villains we’ve seen in films such as Age of Ultron, Guardians of the Galaxy and Iron Man 2 , introduce a lot of villains that serve their role within that one movie. With the exception of Loki, Marvel hasn’t really had a villain develop over the course of several movies (Thanos not included), but not anymore. It looks like Marvel is finally learning their lesson, and setting up some great villains for future movies.

Doctor Strange

In the final after-credits scene, we see that Baron Mordo has developed a dark and twisted idea of what is right. The character believes that the world would be better with less magic, and fewer sorcerers. Now while it might not seem like a lot, this is a major step forward for Marvel. This means that when we next see Mordo, possibly in the Doctor Strange sequel, the film won’t need to tell his origin as a villain  but can get straight to the action, and continue to develop him as an interesting character.

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