DOCTOR STRANGE #3 Review: Time After Time


DOCTOR STRANGE #3 written by Mark Waid, art by Jesus Saiz, letters by Joe Sabino magically makes its way into our shelves this week as Waid conjures up a fabulous Infinity War tie-in accompanied by some awe-inspiring art by Saiz.

During their Intergalactic Planetary exploits,  Kanna sets up a super meet and greet with Doctor Strange and the Skrulls. Will they make it out in time? Let’s find out!


The walking dead



Review Doctor Strange issue 3

Magical Mystery Tour

Waid does a fantastic job moving the story along by telling the reader several of Doctor Strange and Kanna’s mystical adventures, revealing some of the artifacts they found and showing us the Doc is coming back into his own again. He may not be at full strength BUT he’s getting there.

Review Doctor Strange issue 3

Kanna sets up a meeting with a Skrull wizard, which turns sideways fast. Doctor Strange realizes things are bad once he see’s the Super Skrull with the Time Gem! The good Doctor leaps into action with a surprise attack gaining the upper hand.

Using the Time Gem to go back in time by 30 seconds repeatedly, Doctor Strange creates an army of himself and takes down the Super Skrull.  The issue ends with the good Doctor and Kanna leaving the planet and Stephen erasing her memory of the entire encounter with the Super Skrull. Let the lies and secrets begin!

Review Doctor Strange issue 3

Unbelievable Team

Waid and Saiz are doing so well together. The art is purely fantastic, and the storytelling is top notch. Waid weaves an Infinity War tie-in right through his story with ease. Sometimes creative teams force a crossover or event into a book but Waid and Saiz fit this issue perfectly into their run, and it made total sense.

Review Doctor Strange issue 3

Let’s Talk Mystical ART-ifacts

Look at the teamwork from Waid and Saiz throughout the entire issue. These two layout dynamic action sequences that portray a clear and consist story. For example on the page above, very few word balloons are needed to guide you through the fight because this creative team takes you through the page bringing the scene to life.

Sabino does a great job with the lettering making it resemble a monologue by Doctor Strange, which looks like a piece from a journal entry. AND in the same panel, Saiz shows excellent detail depicting the magical ruins on Kanna’s shield.

What makes this page, as well as this entire issue, so amazing, is the creative team breathes life into the story and the characters. This team is great at visualizing a scene together and making it so realistic. Honestly, a fantastic job guys!

Review Doctor Strange issue 3

Bats is back Baby!

I was so pumped to see that Waid wrote Bats into his story. Donny Cates used him throughout his run, and I loved him! Waid didn’t have to use Bats, and the character could just be forgotten, and no one would think anything of it. But I did. I noticed. And I am so happy to see Bats return. But who do you think he’s talking to at the end of the issue?

Review Doctor Strange issue 3

Should you get this issue?

It was fun. It had humor. It had action. It had an Infinity Stone. It had a Super Skrull. And the art was freakin’ amazing. Of course, you should get this issue!

Should you add this to your pull list?

Well, I’ll answer this question by asking another; why isn’t it already in your pull list? This book may have started off weird with Doctor Strange in space but Waid and Saiz have put this story together nicely. And after listening to an interview with Mark Waid on the AMAZING Word Balloon Podcast (look it up on iTunes), some huge things are coming in issue 4 and 5. Things that will change the character forever. Don’t miss out! Add this to your pull!

Well, what did you guys think of DOCTOR STRANGE #3? Comment below or hit me up on Twitter @dispatchdcu