Family Tree #11 is full of action, drama, horror, and change. It's creatively written and illustrated, leaving strong impressions in the minds of all fans and readers.

Dire Situations in FAMILY TREE #11

FAMILY TREE #11, available now from Image Comics, brings with it more change in an already horrifying tale. All as one family fights with everything they have to stay together, even against all odds.

He’s grown so much, and yet still needs his grandfather’s advice.

This is a family who has seen more than their fair share of loss, and from the look and feel of things, that part of their story is far from over. Family Tree #11 is a dark addition to this journey, one that branches into a future we can only imagine.

Created by Jeff Lemire, Phil Hester, Eric Gapstur, and Ryan Cody, this is a series that blends horror and family drama together in a way that I have never seen before. Though admittedly it’s been heavier on the horror as of late, shifting the scales ever so slightly.

Decisions, decisions.

The Writing

Family Tree #11 is an issue full to the brim of risks, challenges, and changes. That in itself isn’t really a surprise. After all, there’s just one issue left to this dynamic series, meaning that everything is officially on the line.

I always knew that this series would get darker before it concluded. Even from the very first issue, they never really made any effort to hide that fact. Still, there’s knowing it, and then there’s seeing it.

This is one of those issues that will punch you in the gut, emotionally speaking. It also once again grabs onto the curiosity that resides within us all, as we try and figure out how everything pieces together. And more importantly, how it will all conclude.

The writing itself flows smoothly, bouncing back and forth between the past and the future with ease. One explains how the family got to this point, while the other continues to increase in tension. It’s a delightful balance, one that has kept us guessing this whole time.

Time to decide between the head and the heart.

The Art

Family Tree #11 is full of that iconic look readers have come to know and expect. It’s this brilliant blend of styles that feel rough and organic all at the same time. Granted, the subject matter frequently being trees doesn’t hurt that aesthetic any.

There was a lot going on within these pages, with jumps between the two points in time, and so much more. It felt like every page was showing some form of change, which can be both beautiful and horrifying, depending on how you want to look at it.

The colors help to tie everything together, with a natural and heavy use of green, as well as plenty of other bold colors. As always, the colors also help to establish a transition between timelines, which is always appreciated. All of it feels so cohesive and really does perfectly fit the tone of this series.

He knows which option he’ll go with, every time.


Family Tree #11 brings us ever closer to the end of the series, and naturally had a lot of setting up to do. The ending is as close to a cliffhanger as we’re ever going to get, leaving us all desperate to see what happens next. To see how this one family will continue their fight, no matter what.

Cat Wyatt
Cat Wyatt
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Family Tree #11 is full of action, drama, horror, and change. It's creatively written and illustrated, leaving strong impressions in the minds of all fans and readers. Dire Situations in FAMILY TREE #11