Would You Like To See A ‘Deathstroke’ TV Series On The CW?

"I think I'm stating the obvious when I say I killed your mother, and for that alone, you should have killed me. " -Slade Wilson-

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After the recent return of fan-favorite character Slade Wilson/Deathstroke in the Arrow season 5 finale, actor Manu Bennett has taken to Twitter to put out there the idea of a solo TV show for the anti-hero.

Bennett even got the support of the character’s creator, Marv Wolfman.

Deathstroke was the main antagonist of season 2 and has had a rollercoaster relationship with Oliver Queen/Green Arrow; going from enemy to mentor to friend to enemy to…’it’s complicated”.

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Personally, I always loved Bennett as Wilson, and think he was probably my favorite ‘Big Bad‘. Even if he doesn’t get his own show, I would love to see Deathstroke return to the Arrowverse in a much more regular role. A solo show for him could work if perhaps he became a ‘black ops’ member of Team Arrow, globe-trotting and handling the kind of dirty wet works the regular members could not. Or he could even join the Legends of Tomorrow!

What do you guys think? Comment and discuss below!