Monkeys Fighting Robots

This series will be a brief, semi-comedic review of the CW superhero shows. You can check out last year’s review recap here. The only shows discussed will be ‘Arrow’, ‘Flash’, and ‘Supergirl’. There WILL be some spoilers discussed, so only look at the reviews you’re up to date on!

2. The Flash, “The Flash Reborn” (Oct 10th)

‘The Flash Reborn’ makes a great case for turning the show into The West Family Power Hour. In the wake of Barry’s disappearance, Iris has become a no-nonsense leader of Team Flash (Sans Flash). While her brooding is only vaguely defined, it’s cancelled out by the goofy crime-busting antics of Kid Flash and Vibe. Caitlin becoming a bartender is odd, but if she becomes a gritty anti-hero because of this new career path, I won’t be mad. The episode is really quite good – up until the return of Barry. His weird rhyming-for-no-reason insanity does nothing but give us the mystery of “whose house is bitchin’.” Why Barry completely snapped out of insanity to fight the Westworld Samurai is odd, but the writers had to get Flash out of his funk somehow.

SCORE: 7.5/10 Ducks

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