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There are big things coming to the DC Universe over the summer, all of which are set up in DC Nation #0.

Batman and Catwoman prepare for the wedding of the year, as well as prepare for any villains crashing it. New Justice Leagues form to face a threat on the galaxy as a whole. Then there is what is happening to Superman, which for the most part has been shrouded in mystery. All we know is that there is an alien invader that wants to wipe out the Kryptonian race. This story, as well as the series that follows, is written by Brian Michael Bendis, and his third of the issue is the prologue. What changes have come to Metropolis with the change in creative team? While lacking action, this story will leave readers intrigued enough to pick up the next chapter in Bendis’ Superman story.

Superman DC Nation #0

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**Spoilers Below**


As Clark returns to the Daily Planet from a story in South America, Perry White is looking for better stories for Superman. He reminds his staff that Superman is a good guy and need to step up their game in terms of reporting. The reason for this is because Lois Lane has left the Daily Planet, which we don’t learn why here. When Clark shows up, Perry takes him into his office and asks him to essentially write stories with more emotion. While all of this is happening, however, a new reporter secretly plots a take over the Daily Planet.

Superman DC Nation preview

This story is going to be a bit divisive when it comes to readers. One reader might see this as boring and just want to see Superman smash big things, which we get in quick flashbacks. Another might be hooked by the questions this story laid out. Who is this reporter? Why does she want the Daily Planet? Where is Lois Lane?

This reviewer falls into the latter category, due to the surprising amount of change from something that seems so small. The entire tone of the Daily Planet seems to have shifted, changing Superman’s life. What was your old school newsroom has slowed down and you are left curious about what has caused this.


Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez does a fine job of illustrating the story. With the story being more grounded, Garcia-Lopez didn’t get much of a chance to draw something extraordinary, however. Whenever he had a chance to draw Superman in action, it was good, but for the most part, this issue only required some simple design. Alex Sinclair took point on colors and it fit the story well. It kept more muted colors to fit the office setting and it works. The team might not have explosions and colors, but the story they worked with, they did their job well.

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This story does a great job to entice people for the Man of Steel miniseries at the end of the month. It gives enough information to set the stage but still allows mysteries to brew just beneath the surface. The simple office setting allows a simple, more grounded look and feels, which I expect will happen less as we get more Superman action moving forward. This story promises an intriguing journey in the next few weeks and I can’t wait for it.

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dc-nation-superman-reviewThis prologue to Bendis' Man of Steel Miniseries provides just enough information to hook readers.