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SUPERMAN IV: THE QUEST FOR PEACE, Dungeons and Dragons, and a multiversal Speedsters Reunion all in this week’s DC Comics Rapid Fire Recap as Batman battles Jason Todd in RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS #25, someone finds the Strength Force in FLASH #52, and Robert Venditti ends his 50 issue run on HAL JORDAN AND THE GREEN LANTERN CORPS.

Almost all DC Comics, cliffhangers, and plot twists released the week of  August 8, 2018, are going to get SPOILED ROTTEN!  Turn back now, unless you’re done reading for the week OR you simply just don’t care. Too read our full reviews click on the title of each issue.

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Selena confusingly fights a dozen or more of her copycats and figures out that they were all hired by Governor Creel. Why? Well, that’s what Selena wants to find out. Meanwhile, the Governor resigns during a breaking news conference because he has developed Stage 2 Prostate Cancer. So, is the Governor really up to something fishy? It turns out that the Governor’s wife and kids appear to be the ones up to something shady. The issue ends with Selena going to a club and meeting with Raymond Creel, the Governor’s sons. What’s this kitty cat up to now?


Batman and Orphan head in to stop Karma before he blows up all the kids he kidnapped. While Orphan tries to disarm the bomb and save the kids, Batman takes on Karma and fails miserably due to his mind reading abilities. Realizing she has no freakin’ idea how to disarm the explosive, Black Lightning jumps in and holds off the explosion just long enough for Batman, Orphan, and the kids to all escape safe and sound. The issue ends with Bruce giving Barbara an earful for disobeying Jefferson, and the new Bat team appears to be looking “outside” for some more help with Katana.


Flash conducts a meeting at the House of Heroes with the other Speedsters across the multiverse to explain to them that he broke the Speed Force Barrier, his multiverses Source Wall is broken, and two other Forces have been discovered in his universe. However, none of the other Speedsters have encountered any of these ”force” issues before.

Later, Barry heads back to his multiverse and stops the Para-Angels from kidnapping Trickster for Warden Wolfe. Commander Cold pops in to help out, manages to freeze the Para-Angles, but forgets about Trickster as he escapes. The issue ends with Commander Cold and Flash finding the Trickster with Strength Force abilities!


Hal continues to fight Tomar-Tu into a stalemate while outside in space, John tries to hold off Zod from killing all the Darkstars where they stand. Using his willpower, Hal Jordan channels everything he has into the Darkstar’s central power battery and somehow overrides their programming tearing the Darkstar suits apart and magically showing them the error in their ways.

Zod flies in at the end to kill Tomar-Tu and get his vengeance for his father Tomar-Re letting Krypton explode. However, Tomar-Tu kills himself before Zod could act. The issue ends with John sending out hundreds of new Green Lantern rings while Hal leaves to find Carol Ferris to give her a big smoosh.


Hawkman heads to Dinosaur Island with his Hawk-headed scepter and mace in search of the answers to the mysteries that make up his past lives and the visions of the great cataclysmic event to come. He battles a T-Rex and what appears to be at least 100 Avian Humanoids named Feitherans who have guarded the ancient secrets of the Hawkman for generations.

After hours of fighting, Hawkman finds an alien planetarium showing constellations of seven brothers and seven sisters. However, the issue ends with our hero being transported through time to Thanagar and confronted by Katar Hol who happens to be a past version of himself!


The Outlaws’ secret, floating, hideout above Gotham City is coming down, and the one person smart enough to help is back to being an idiot again. So, without smart Bizarro, Jason and Artemis have to come up with an idea to stop this city from killing over 12,000 people. Lucky for Red Hood, Bizarro opens up a quantum door and saves the day.  The super-sized Superman clone manages to get the floating base sucked through the door before it crashes.

Jason manages to jump to safety only to get his butt kicked by Batman. However, today seems to be Red Hood’s lucky day. Why? Well, before Batman can take Jason away and lock him up for killing Penguin, Arsenal jumps in to help out. I can’t wait for the next issue to see what happens!


Derek’s mother died after she found some files at her work that showed her son as Sideways. The implication is that Derek’s mom got too close to the truth and was murdered. So, Derek started working on a plan to find his mother’s killer. However, Sideways got into a little bit of a fight and accidentally showed his powers to the student body.

Luckily for Derek, the Seven Soldiers show up and stop time. So, Zatanna offers a deal. If Sideways helps them rescue their friend, Zatanna will remove the memories of the events that happened at his school.


Supergirl wants to find out who is truly responsible for destroying Krypton. Kara knows Rogol Zaar couldn’t have acted alone. So, Kara heads to Coast City to find Hal Jordan. She hopes that his Green Lantern ring can scan Zaar’s ax and figure out its origin.  Well, as Hal scans the ax, some little alien named Hakmon intercepted the rings signal.

Hakmon tells his master that Supergirl and the Green Lanterns were looking into Rogol Zaar. Meanwhile, Kara and Krypto head off to Mogo for more answers. Why? Well, Hal’s ring told him that the information about the ax was classified. So, Kara’s going to look into it herself.


Planet Earth has been sucked into the Phantom Zone, and even the Justice League isn’t reacting well to the Zone’s effects. Batman and the Flash both appear to somehow be out of commission. And, only time will tell until Superman loses his abilities without being in direct proximity to a yellow sun.

In addition to this madness, Rogol Zaar is also stuck in the Phantom Zone. He appears to be fully powered after slaughtering the Nuclear Man from SUPERMAN 4: THE QUEST FOR PEACE with ease! How will Superman get Earth out of this one and how did the entire planet get stuck in there, to begin with?


A Dark Matter Universal Source Wall Energy threat emerged inside an old man’s brain! Well, this old man was once a writer for a Dungeons and Dragons series of stories called UNEARTH. So, the Dark Matter threat recreated the old man’s entire fictional universe making it real.

The Titans hold off the invasion from the fictional world while Miss Martian and Raven telepathically disconnect the link between the two worlds. However, after cutting the link, Prince Travesty, ruler of Unearth, posed as Raven and trapped her on Unearth. How are the Titans going to get Raven back?


Wonder Woman, Artemis, and the new Aztek head to Tezcatlipoca to free Atalanta whose been trapped in the Tezcatlipocan labyrinth for “many Solstices.” After making their way through the ancient maze, Diana, Artemis, and Aztek free Atalanta but also release the Shadow God’s Soldiers into the world. So, it’s up to Diana and her crew to stop the ancient menacing threat they released.T

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