Monkeys Fighting Robots

Is the the new anime from studio Trigger, Darling In The Franxx another success or is it a robot which should stay in the docks? Welcome to three episode report. Here, a new anime series is given three episodes to prove it is good enough to for the audience to continue watching to the end. Today’s show involves a mysterious girl with horns, a guy she calls darling, and the giant robot they can only pilot together.


Humanity is under the threat by monstrous creatures known as Klaxosaurs and the only hope are robots known as Franxx. These machines must be piloted by a male and female who must be in sync to properly operate. Hiro, a pilot who couldn’t sync with his partner, meets up with the mysterious woman with horns know as Zero Two. Together the two may be the ideal pair to pilot the Strelitzia.

Darling In The Franxx

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First off this series has some very interesting mecha design. The females basically combine with the robot and talk through the mecha’s face. They are very colorful and animated which helps to show the speed of the intense battles.

The setting for this series is intriguing. The world is post-apocalyptic and the society seems built around cloning and fighting against the monsters. There also seems to be a conspiracy in the higher ups who are running the show. Probably a good bet they will eventually making problems for the characters.

Speaking of the characters, there is a clear winning to the one internet seems to be in love with. Zero Two and all her eccentric behavior have captivated the audience. Also, the fact she goes swimming nude in the first episode probably helped to capture their attention.


The sexual innuendos are over the top with this series. The robots are piloted by the woman being on all fours with the back of their hoods as the display. Meanwhile the control for the robots come from grabbing onto handles which come off the women’s costumes. This design aside there are lines like “What did she do that I’m not?” which really feel like obvious what they should be talking about.

Also, this series features the standard Trigger art style. This is a breaking point for many people. You either love it or hate it and if you hate it then this might not be the series for you. The more fluid style when applied to the giant robots can be a bit off putting.

Darling In The Franxx


The series gets a PASS. It has a good set up, a great look, and seems to offer more intense giant robots fighting monster action. The Winter 2018 anime season is looking pretty good so far but not every show is perfect and there are much more to look through.

Darling In The Franxx is streaming at Crunchyroll.