Dark Agnes #1 features bold artwork alongside a brave and daring (yet reckless) character.

DARK AGNES #1 Is a Tale of Rebellion and Freedom

DARK AGNES #1, out this Wednesday from Marvel Comics, dives headfirst into the tale of Agnes – a woman who resists the norm with blood and violence in spectacular fashion. This miniseries is bloodthirsty and bold in the most refreshing of ways.

Agnes is looking ready for a fight on this cover of Dark Agnes #1.


If you’re looking at this series and asking yourself whether or not you recognize the determined young woman on the cover: the answer is yes. That is the only and Agnes, aka Dark Agnes, aka Agnes de Chastillon. She’s made an appearance before, in the Marvel universe. But this time around she’s getting her own miniseries, and she’s going to make the most of it.

By most of it, we, of course, mean causing as much bloodshed and mayhem as possible. All in the name of freedom – and revenge. For nobody can hold a grudge like Dark Agnes, and she’ll make everyone who hurt her – and her mentor- pay.

Of course, she made her way onto a wanted poster!

The Plot

There is something so liberating and enjoyable about reading Dark Agnes’ tale. Perhaps it’s because she herself doesn’t seem to care much for societal norms or expectations. Regardless of the source, Becky Cloonan channeled that emotion well in Dark Agnes #1.

This series starts off with a bang, though thankfully not literally. Dark Agnes may have a bad reputation by some, but that does not mean she’ll leave her friends to hang. Or to be beheaded, as the case may be.

Dark Agnes #1 balances out the daring escapades of this brave woman with flashes of backstory. Thus it’s an easily approachable series, even to those that don’t know her by name or sight. This single issue quickly got everyone to the same page and made it clear what she has gone through – and what she hopes to accomplish.

There are some interesting hints strewn about this issue, which may or may not become relevant later. One thing is certain, Agnes is feeling very bitter about her past, as she’s inclined to rant about it with little provocation (but again, that served a literary purpose in this instance).

And let’s start Dark Agnes #1 off with an execution…or will we?

The Art

Dark Agnes #1 is full of brilliant artwork, all while thematically matching the time period. Agnes herself is a shining beacon, thanks to her short red hair and feisty expressions. It’s no surprise that she stands out – both against the crowd and to our eyes.

If there’s one thing this issue excelled in, it’s showing the gore and violence of the time, and how much Dark Agnes seems to be actively seeking it out. Her reactions to it all are the beginning of a tale we all know so well and yet can’t resist reading along once again.

Luca Pizzari was the lead artist for this issue, working alongside Jay David Ramos for the colors, and DC’s Travis Lanham for the letters. Each artist worked exceptionally hard to match the aesthetic of the series and time period. A fact that is most evident on the title page – the font choice and color palette make it truly look like a poster from the past.

We’re loving the sass from the first few pages of Dark Agnes #1

In Conclusion

Dark Agnes #1 was an entertaining and thrilling introduction to this new miniseries. It’s always refreshing to see an interesting character like her grab the limelight, if even for a time. There’s no doubt that she’s going to all sorts of mischief and mayhem during her run.

Cat Wyatt
Cat Wyatt
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DARK AGNES #1 Is a Tale of Rebellion and FreedomDark Agnes #1 features bold artwork alongside a brave and daring (yet reckless) character.