‘Daredevil’ Poster Reveals Iconic Punisher Skull

The trailers for Daredevil Season 2 have held subtle nods and winks to the Frank Castle’s infamous skull emblem, but today, we finally got out look at what the iconic costume will look like in the TV show itself. Rumours that the show-runners may forego including the skull can be put to rest. It seems that, much like Daredevil’s last season, the Punisher’s costume is something that will evolve over time.

Additionally, we also got a nice look at Daredevil and Elektra. In particular, Daredevil’s costume seems to have been drastically improved since last season, now sporting red lens and additional leather padding for his armour. We are still waiting for that “DD” symbol though. It shouldn’t be a deal breaker, but it’s something that fans would appreciate nonetheless. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was featured by the season’s end.

Elektra remains somewhat detached from her comic book equivalent, but it remains to be seen whether or not we shall see her sporting a variation of her classic red costume with accompanying bandanna somewhere down the road. It’s very possible, given DD’s costume evolution in season one. Now if only they could replace Daredevil’s current look in the comics with this design, we might be getting somewhere.

If you are looking for some more analysis relating to Season 2, check out our article on why Frank Castle has never gone mainstream? Daredevil Season 2 premieres March 18th on Netflix.

Gary Moloney
Gary Moloney
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