Could Danny Trejo be playing ‘Lobo’?

Danny Trejo

Could Lobo be finally coming to the big screen? Or the small for that matter? Danny Trejo was on Twitter seemingly teasing the idea by posting the following image.

A Lobo movie was once in the works with Dwayne Johnson said to be up for the role and director Brad Peyton attached (and Guy Ritchie at one time), but the Lobo movie never saw the light of day. Could Lobo show up in the Justice League movie or could he show up in the DC Television Universe. Regardless of where the character ends up, it’s pretty evident that either Danny Trejo already has the role or is pushing hard for it. If he hasn’t secured the role yet, then DC needs to make this happen because who better to play Lobo than Machete himself?


Dewey Singleton - Film Critic
Dewey Singleton - Film Critic
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