Cosmic Ghost Rider Gets Gamma Bombed In Our AVENGERS #24 Exclusive Preview

Avengers #24 hits your local comic shop next week on September 25, but thanks to Marvel Comics, Monkeys Fighting Robots has an exclusive four-page preview of the battle between Cosmic Ghost Rider, Thor, and She-Hulk.

The issue is written by Jason Aaron, with art by Stefano Caselli & Luciano Vecchio, Jason Keith dropped some colors, and Cory Petit gave us letters. Frank Martin assisted Caselli on the main cover. Greg Land, Jay Leisten, and Frank D’Armata provided the variant covers.

About Avengers #24:
If the Avengers thought one Ghost Rider was tough to deal with, wait’ll they see how many Spirits of Vengeance have just been unleashed by the King of Hell, Johnny Blaze! Including the craziest, most powerful Rider of them all…That’s right; it’s the Avengers vs. Cosmic Ghost Rider!

Donny Cates and Geoff Shaw created the Cosmic Ghost Rider. The character first appeared in Thanos Vol. 2 #13 back in January 2018. Is the Cosmic Ghost Rider the most powerful character in the Marvel Universe? Comment below with your thoughts.

Stan Lee and Jack Kirby created the Avengers.

Matthew Sardo
Matthew Sardo
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