Comic Book Writer-Artist Darwyn Cooke Dies

Darwyn Cooke, the author of ‘DC: The New Frontier’, has passed away at the age of 53 after a battle with cancer.

The Canadian comic book writer-artist died Saturday, May 14, after reports emerged he was receiving palliative treatments for his illness.

Justice League DC
Justice League in action

Cooke’s family posted a statement on his blog: “We regret to inform you that Darwyn lost his battle with cancer early this morning at 1:30 AM ET. We read all of your messages of support to him throughout the day yesterday. He was filled with your love and surrounded by friends and family at his home in Florida. Donations can be made to the Canadian Cancer Society and Hero Initiative. Please continue to respect our privacy as we go through this very difficult time. A longer statement will come later today.”

Cooke is best known for ‘DC: The New Frontier’, a 2004 Eisner Award-winning series depicting DC characters from the Golden and Silver Ages of Comic Books. The book was adapted into the 2008 film ‘Justice League: The New Frontier’. He also worked on ‘Batman: Gotham Knights’, ‘Before Watchmen: Minutemen‘, ‘Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre‘, the Catwoman’ solo series, ‘Detective Comics’, and ‘Superman Confidential’.  In 2006, Cooke collaborated with Jeph Loeb on the crossover miniseries Batman/The Spirit. He also wrote issues of Marvel Comics’ ‘Spider-Man’s Tangled Web’, ‘X-Force’, and ‘Wolverine/Doop’.

Cooke’s family concluded the announcement by including a John F. Kennedy quote from ‘The New Frontier”s last pages: “Then we shall not be weary. Then we shall prevail.”

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