Comic book artist Mike Norton is best known for his Eisner Award Winning digital series Battlepug, and his co-creation with friend and colleague Tim Seeley, the critically acclaimed creator-owned series Revival, but now you might notice him for his political cartoons.

“I have been a decidedly non-political person all my life until this last election. This whole situation is beyond reality. It’s insane. It made me realize how while I actually believed in causes and policies, I never really did anything. So, I’ve changed a little. I’ve been donating all my convention profits to organizations that will directly help those who will be hurt the most by this ridiculous cartoon of an administration. The cartoons are just for me. I wake up every morning and see the news and this is my way of screaming into my pillow to keep myself sane,” said Norton.

Thursday afternoon, Norton published his Lil’ Donnie strip on Facebook and Twitter, gathering 76 shares and 279 retweets in the past 24 hours.

Lil' Donnie Mike Norton

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The cartoons may be just for him, but Norton’s artistic style and writing wit can’t help but gain traction in the viral nature of our media today. Norton confirmed that there will be at least one more Lil’ Donnie coming out shortly.

UPDATE: Norton released the second strip Friday afternoon.

lil donnie mike norton trump

As the Chicago artist stated above, he is donating all his convention profits to organizations that will directly help those who will be hurt the most by the Trump administration, so you probably should follow him on Twitter (@themikenorton) to stay up to date with his convention schedule.

What do you think of Norton’s Lil’ Donnie? Do you want to see more creators become politically active? Comment below.

Norton is also the Co-Founder of Four Star Studios along with Seeley, Sean Dove, and Jim Terry.

The last issue of Revival, #47 hits you local comic book store on February 22.

Story: Tim Seeley
Art: Mike Norton
Cover: Jenny Frison

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