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COLD SPOTS #1 from Image Comics hits your local comic book store as Cullen Bunn and Mark Torres open this eerie, bitter, tale with something supernatural and otherworldly surrounding the main character Dan Kerr and the individuals he’s tasked with finding, but there appears to be more than meets the eye in this dark and cold mystery.

WRITTEN BY: Cullen Bunn
ART BY: Mark Torres
LETTERS: Simon Bowland


CS 1-1


The story begins with Mr. Kerr driving to a meeting to meet Mr. Warren about a job. Readers find out that Mr. Kerr hasn’t seen Mr. Warren for over eight years. It turns out, Kerr was hired to find two missing people; Alyssa and her daughter Grace. After searching Grace’s room, the Butler finally caved and gave Mr. Kerr a hint as to where he thinks the ladies may have run off too: Ferry Landing.

Once Kerr arrives in town, he begins to ask questions that lead him to a motel for the night. After realizing that there is something odd about the cold weather in the area, Mr. Kerr pops back in the motel to find the store clerk frozen and broken in two.

CS 1-3

The Goods

Cullen Bunn and Mark Torres are fantastic at showing readers the tension between Mr. Warren and Mr. Kerr. From the time Mr. Kerr drives to the mansion and even throughout the meeting, Bunn and Torres depict hate, hostility, and regret between these two characters through a mix of art, conversation, and situational writing.

Readers see the fear that Bunn was able to portray with simple discourse and well-placed panel layouts. For example, the Butler’s reaction to the dead hamsters and realizing his mistakes by not mentioning Alyssa’s online friends was worked in nicely by Bunn with little dialogue and designed so clearly. Bunn knows how to say just enough to leave fans curious while Torres helps add that extra layer of fear to set the mood and scene perfectly.

Cold spots 1-1

Now, my favorite part was the ending of the issue. It’s implied that these “specters” possess the ability to freeze people. Somehow the cold is so overwhelming that the store clerk turned to ice and broke. I want to see more of this! Are these ghosts the individuals from their past or is this some demonic spirit that takes the form of their lost loved ones? Also, does Alyssa or even Grace somehow control these specters? These are just a few questions that I left the issue with and I can’t wait to see where Bunn and Torres go from here.

CS 5-1

The Art

The style that Torres uses sets the mood of the book immediately. The colors are dark, and the supernatural beings are drawn in such a frightening way. Simon Bowland’s letters are placed perfectly, his pacing and rhythm are spot on, and he never draws attention away from the art or story. The story’s progression is easy to follow, and I love quick and easy reads.

However, I enjoy more crispy and vivid art. That said, Torres’ art isn’t as detailed and dynamic as I would like but the art doesn’t take me out of the book. Again, it sets the mood, but I feel like it’s missing something. I enjoy seeing discernible facial expressions and details of characters, especially when they are front and center on the page.

Torres puts too many dark shadows around the characters faces, which took so much precision away from the issue. I understand the style choice, and I agree that the shadows helped add the eerie feeling that I loved, but I wish a happy medium could be found between the mood and the detail.

Cold spots 1-2

Should you buy this issue?

Bunn and Torres do a phenomenal job putting readers into a dark, ominous, and creepy environment from the start. Bunn doesn’t clue the reader into much in the beginning, BUT he implies ideas and situations that are going on while Torres sets the tone beautifully. If you like bone-chilling tales, this is for you. Get COLD SPOTS #1!

Should you add this to your pull list?

Definitely! If you like suspenseful, spine-chilling tales, Bunn’s COLD SPOT #1 is for you. By the end of the issue, readers are led to believe something unexplainable and supernatural is happening, AND it appears to be connected to Alyssa and Grace.

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