Chris Chibnall Wanted Peter Capaldi to Stay on With Doctor Who

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For fans of Doctor Who, speculation is already running rampant about who the next Doctor will be, but upcoming showrunner Chris Chibnall tried to persuade Peter Capaldi to stay on. This is according to an interview Stephen Moffat recently did with Broadcast.

“It took Peter a long time to make up his mind,” says Moffat. “Chris tried to persuade him to stay.” Most actors in the role of the Doctor for stay about 3 years or seasons. That goes back to the first Doctor, William Hartnell. The longest Doctor was Tom Baker, who appeared for seven years through the seventies and early eighties.

The interview also reveals that Moffat nearly left at the end of Capaldi’s second season. “But there really wasn’t anybody else in place, so I sort of accidentally went on longer than I meant to.” Moffat has also been busy with his popular Sherlock reboot. He also felt out of control during the show’s third season and considered leaving then, but decided to stay on. He tried to convince 11th Doctor Matt Smith to stay on for one more season, but he wanted to leave.

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Chris Chibnall is set to take over as showrunner in late 2018. He previously wrote for both Doctor Who and Torchwood. Doctor Who returns to television in April. Moffat and Capaldi’s last episode will air at Christmas this year.

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