Casting Ghost Rider for the Marvel Cinematic Universe

After the commercial and critical failures of the Sony-produced, Ghost Rider (2007) and its sequel Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (2012), the film rights reverted to Marvel Studios. Marvel has stated that they’re in no rush to reboot Ghost Rider in their interconnected MCU, but he remains a character they’re interested in revisiting at some point. Many rumours have circulated that Ghost Rider could find a home in a Netflix series rather than the big screen. Over the years since the first Ghost Rider (Excluding the character now known as Phantom Rider) appearance in 1973 there have been three significant characters to hold the mantle of the Ghost Rider; Johnny Blaze, Danny Ketch, and Robbie Reyes, but who should play each of these Ghost Riders?

Norman Reedus as Johnny Blaze

norman reedus

Johnny Blaze was the original Ghost Rider, who debuted in 1973 as the dark and sombre hero who made a deal with the devil. Blaze was the focus of the two Sony-produced movies and starred Nicolas Cage in very strange and forgettable portrayals of the titular character, however, this did make Johnny Blaze more familiar with wider audiences. Norman Reedus would be an ideal casting for Johnny; he could nail his bitter, gruff exterior of a man with the heart of a hero inside. Reedus is best known as biker/Zombie-killer, Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead. Reedus is a quality actor who has shown in 6 seasons of The Walking Dead that he is more than equipped to portray the complex and dark history of the Ghost Rider. Blaze not only had to deal with selling his soul to the Devil but also his own personal demons such as alcoholism, his mother abandoning him and the deaths of both his father and later surrogate father-figure.

Robbie Amell as Danny Ketch


Introduced in the 1990s as a more contemporary Ghost Rider, Danny Ketch took over the role for eight years in Marvel Comics, and also featured in many Marvel cartoon series throughout the decade. Ketch was later revealed to be the younger half-brother of original Ghost Rider, Johnny Blaze. In revisiting this character, Marvel may want to include Ketch as a second Ghost Rider or distance themselves from Johnny Blaze due to reception of Nicolas Cage’s performance. Robbie Amell best known for appearances on both The Flash and The Tomorrow People, could take on the part of Ketch as either a lead or supporting character.

Lorenzo Henrie as Robbie Reyes

lorenzo henrie

The latest character to take on the role of Ghost Rider is Robbie Reyes, part of Marvel’s all new, all different take on some of their classic characters. Reyes is very different from Blaze and Ketch; he is a Mexican-American boy in high school who while in his Ghost Rider-form drives an empowered dodge charger rather than the traditional motorcycle. It would be a surprise if Marvel took this route rather than the more well-known versions of the characters but if so, Lorenzo Hendrie from Fear the Walking Dead could take on this brand new character.

What direction do you think a new Ghost Rider in the MCU will take?

Chris Hartmann
Chris Hartmann
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