The first teaser trailer for Captive State, Rupert Wyatt’s passive dystopian world released today and reveals a chilling science fiction world that’s all too familiar in too many terrifying ways. The film is set to release March of 2019 and distributed by Focus Features.

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About Captive State 

Set in a Chicago neighborhood nearly a decade after occupation by an extra-terrestrial force, Captive State explores the lives on both sides of the conflict – the collaborators and dissidents.

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Captive State is directed by Rupert Wyatt who worked on the recent Planet of the Apes trilogy. Wyatt also directed the pilot of The Exorcist TV series and is leading the way on the Halo TV series coming in 2020 or when pigs fly. Needless to say, Wyatt’s direction bodes well for the film if you’re a fan of his fantastic Apes series. Wyatt is directing a great cast too, that includes John Goodman, Vera Farmiga, Alan Ruck, and even rapper Machine Gun Kelly.

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Captive State is led by a solid director but also features a pretty great cast …

John Goodman
Vera Farmiga
Ashton Sanders as Gabriel
Jonathan Majors as Rafe
Alan Ruck as Rittenhouse
Kevin Dunn as Police Chief Igoe
David J Height as Master of Ceremonies
Machine Gun Kelly as Jurgis
Madeline Brewer as Rula
Ben Daniels as Daniel
D. B. Sweeney as Levitt
Kevin J. O’Connor as Kermode
Kiki Layne as Carrie
Marc Grapey as Mayor Ed Lee
James Ransone as Ellison
Rene’ L. Moreno as Courior

Author Note: Oddly, Goodman and Farmiga’s character names are left out on IMDB. Might this be explained by a twist in the film’s story?

captive state-movie-rupert wyatt

The trailer begins with those words above and shots of the White House. Since it’s set only 10 years from now, it all feels familiar. For most of the teaser, the film does the job of making it feel like a Purge-like drama, but that’s before the giant alien ship appears (see photo below) and it all goes to a whole new awesome level.

After a bit of a bidding war over the movie, Participant Media and Amblin Partners got the rights to make Captive State. The film is written by Wyatt and his wife, Erica Beeney and was shot in and around the Chicago area. Now, Captive State boasts a chilling faux website from the near future with stories about this dark new world. And this new teaser is definitely a great start towards greasing the wheels of the hype machine.

science fiction-film-dystopian-captive state

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