Monkeys Fighting Robots

In a piece of news that will excite Pokemon fans like myself, Brock and Misty will be returning to the anime for two episodes.

The first episode will air on the 14 of September, with the second coming a week later on the 21. Apparently, Ash and Pikachu will be taking a trip back to Kanto and will be reuniting with pals from many years ago.

It’s been confirmed that Brock will be using a Mega Steelix and Misty will have a Mega Gyarados in her arsenal.

This story just makes me happy. I have such fond memories of watching the original Pokemon anime that included this dynamic trio, and prospect of them uniting again will surely encourage me to check out both episodes.

Are you looking forward to Ash meeting up with Brock and Misty again? Which of the three is your favorite character? Comment below, let us know.