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When it comes to small towns, many of them contain stories.  Some of the tales include famous founders, landmarks, and achievements while some include something more mysterious.  Something a bit darker.  At least that’s the case in The Blackout Club.  

A new cooperative survivor horror game from Question Games.  A new studio whose several founders have worked as developers on multiple games including BioShock, Dishonored, and Prey.  The Blackout Club‘s story centers on a group of teenagers who live in a small town with a dark secret.

The Blackout Club

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One that may contain links to not only the disappearance of one of the group’s members but also the various lengths of blackouts they themselves have been suffering.  “Our story is about vulnerable characters,” said studio Co-Founder Jordan Thomas.  Up to four players can play the game at one time.  Adding to its group dynamic and story.

Being a survival horror game, stealth gameplay is something that is key as players venture out into the night.  Equipped with a cell phone to document and record the town’s secrets and the reason behind their friend’s disappearance.  The Blackout Club has a release date of 2019 and will be available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.  Watch the trailer below!


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