Trafalgar Brewing: Fresh Hop Harvest – An Autumnal Review

Trafalgar Brewing’s Fresh Hop Harvest Ales are becoming hard to find. Absorbed by All Or Nothing Brewhouse last June, these bottles of ale can still be found in the craft beer sections of some LCBOs, but maybe not for long. There aren’t any advertisements for Fresh Hop Harvest Ale on the All Or Nothing website. It only makes reference to their All Or Nothing Hopfenweisse. I may have bought two of the last Trafalgar Brewing Fresh Hop Harvest Ales in existence … probably not, but it’s possible. Now I’m going to drink them!

Trafalgar Brewing: Fresh Hop Harvest Ale – First Sip

Fresh Hop Harvest Ale pours a cloudy golden colour with a small layer of foam that dissipates almost immediately. I’m surprised at how tart this Ontarian APA is as I take my first sip. Its low carbonation level, like a British pub ale, gives this brew a remarkably smooth mouthfeel. Fresh Hop Harvest Ale’s tart and bitter flavour lingers, providing a steady hop taste from start to finish.

Trafalgar Brewing: Fresh Hop Harvest Ale – Last Sip

I poured mine into a standard pint glass, and I suggest you do the same. Because there isn’t much foam or aroma, though, you’re not likely to miss too much if you drink this beer straight from its 500 mL bottle. You’ll just feel smaller than usual.

With its tart taste, I suggest enjoying Fresh Hop Harvest Ale with something sweet and/or savoury. Dark chocolate would be a great choice. Or, if you’re going to have this beer with dinner, I suggest trying it with some barbecued chicken. Weighing in at a respectable 5% ABV, two should probably be your maximum. But with its unique bitter and tart flavour, Fresh Hop Harvest Ale will leave you wanting more. This is a serious problem because, as I mentioned, there’s a limited supply.

Michael Bedford
Michael Bedford
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