Neustadt Springs Brewery: 10W30 Brown Ale – A Nutty Review

With the end of the year in sight, it’s a good time to change your oil. So, while your trusty vehicle’s taking a satisfying glut of 10W-30, why not try some yourself? Unless you’re a sentient robot, like my good friend J-573, though, you should probably forego the trip to poison control and try a can of Neustadt Springs Brewery‘s 10W30 Brown Ale instead. I previously reviewed Neustadt Springs Brewery’s Scottish Pale Ale, so feel free to check that review for some information on the brewery. For now, let’s hope 10W30 doesn’t live up to its name …

Neustadt Springs Brewery: 10W30 Brown Ale – First Sip

10W30 pours almost like a cola, dark brown with lots of fizz but only a circle of foam around the rim of the stemmed tulip glass I’m drinking it from. It has a nutty smell and a heavy malt taste that provides a bread-y quality. 10W30 tastes like most English Brown Ales, no surprise since 10W30 has–on three separate occasions–won medals in this very category. With 10W30’s thin mouthfeel and only a small show of hops on the aftertaste, bitterness barely makes an appearance here.

Neustadt Springs Brewery: 10W30 Brown Ale – Last Sip

This is a tasty Brown Ale for sure. It’s just as good, maybe better, warm as cold. At 5.5% ABV per 473 mL can, you can probably have a couple without getting too rowdy. And, I imagine that after drinking two or three of these malty brews their sweetness would probably become overpowering. Keep in mind that I’m hopelessly devoted to hops, so if you’re into malty brews you may disagree. I suggest pairing 10W30 with something savoury. One rarely goes wrong pairing a sweet beer like this one with a steak, but as 10W30 has all the qualities of an English Brown Ale it’s also a great companion of pub food.

Michael Bedford
Michael Bedford
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