This is a great kölsch! I recommend it to anyone looking for a light-tasting chugging beer. Well done, Mad & Noisy!

Mad & Noisy Brewing’s Lagered Ale – An Unlawful Review

Perhaps following the macro-breweries’ example, it seems that independent brewers are also expanding. Creemore Springs Brewery, a subsidiary of Molson since 2005, recently added a subsidiary brewery to its ranks, Mad & Noisy Brewing — read a bit more about it in my review of their Hops & Bolts India Pale Lager. Other independent Canadian breweries, like Moosehead, have done the same in recent years. Why would these breweries create subsidiary brands, you ask?

Unlike Creemore Springs, Mad & Noisy is not subject to the Reinheitsgebot, giving Creemore Springs the opportunity to brew outside of the purity law while still observing the Reinheitsgebot distinction through its flagship brand. Bavarians might turn their noses up, but I’m glad that Creemore has expanded their line-up by adding an “unlawful” subsidiary brewery. So, in defiance of Bavarian custom, I present my review of Mad & Noisy Brewing’s Lagered Ale.

Mad & Noisy Brewing: Lagered Ale – First Sip

A blurb on the can describes this brew as kölsch-inspired. So if you’ve got one around, pour this brew into a stange to enjoy its full flavour and aroma.

This Lagered Ale pours a transparent light golden colour with little head. I get a whiff of grains with a hint of apples as I take my first sip. This lagered ale is malty and sweet at first, fading to a crisp and almost tart dryness. The carbonation level relatively low, this beer’s mouthfeel is fizzy enough to underscore its dry aftertaste.

Mad & Noisy Brewing: Lagered Ale – Last Sip

At 4.7% ABV, this brew isn’t strong but it is tasty. This is a very easy-drinking beer, a great addition to any lager-lover’s fridge. So, pair it with just about anything you like — maybe avoid ice cream — and enjoy it during a barbecue, at a party, or during a quiet night at home with a frozen pizza. This is an easy-drinking and versatile brew.

Michael Bedford
Michael Bedford
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This is a great kölsch! I recommend it to anyone looking for a light-tasting chugging beer. Well done, Mad & Noisy!Mad & Noisy Brewing’s Lagered Ale - An Unlawful Review