A very tasty IPA with an alcohol content that complements it well! I recommend this brew for any IPA fan!

HopBot IPA from Hop City Brewing Company – A Computerized Review

Hop City Brewing Company, previously the Niagara Falls Brewing Company until it was purchased in 2004 by Moosehead, has won a few awards since its re-branding. This year, Hop City Brewing won gold in the amber lager category for their Barking Squirrel Lager. And, although I’ve drunk a few Barking Squirrel Lagers over the years — and previously reviewed Hop City’s 8th Sin Black Lager — today I’m reviewing another of Hop City’s brews. Now, enabling my love of pale ales, I’m reviewing Hop City’s HopBot IPA. And, although I’m firmly a member of Team Monkey, I have a feeling that this is one robot I’m going to like.

HopBot IPA: Hop City Brewing Company – First Sip

HopBot IPA pours a transparent copper colour with a thick layer of foam. The foam gradually dissipates, leaving lots of thick lacing as it goes. I smell grapefruit as I take my first sip and enjoy the subtle malt flavours that quickly give way to HopBot’s dry finish. Its high alcohol content (7.1% ABV) sets off this brew’s malty backbone, creating a unique taste. All in all, HopBot’s blend of malt and hops balances quite well. Despite the thick layer of foam that forms when poured, HopBot has a relatively low carbonation level. Even so, this IPA-lover could do with even less fizz. As it is, HopBot’s has a smooth mouthfeel, but it could be smoother.

HopBot IPA: Hop City Brewing Company – Last Sip

Robotic efficiency never tasted so good. This is a beer that demands the imbiber’s attention. Unlike a crisp lager that someone chugs and forgets about, HopBot is a strong-tasting brew with lots of character, especially for a robot. With its strong taste and only slightly fizzy mouthfeel, this brew goes great with deep-fried and salty foods alike. This beer’s aroma is a great preface to its flavour, so make sure you enjoy it from a glass rather than from the can or bottle.

Michael Bedford
Michael Bedford
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A very tasty IPA with an alcohol content that complements it well! I recommend this brew for any IPA fan!HopBot IPA from Hop City Brewing Company - A Computerized Review