Cool Beer Brewing Co: Millennium Buzz Beer – A Millennial Review

The Cool Beer Brewing Company started in Brampton in 1997 but moved to Etobicoke in 2005. I won’t list all of the awards that Cool’s Millennium Buzz Beer, the beer I’m reviewing here, has won at both the provincial and national levels, I’ll just say that it has won in the North American Lager category fourteen times.

Millennium Buzz Beer is brewed with hemp as well as organic malted barley and German hops. Based on their video, the folks at Cool Beer seem to know their stuff. So, no matter what Hearst and DuPont say, I’m going to have a Millennium Buzz!

Cool Beer Brewing Company: Millennium Buzz Beer – First Sip

Millennium Buzz Beer pours a transparent amber colour with barely any foam. I get a faint whiff of caramel as I take my first sip. Millennium Buzz Beer has a sharp taste, herb-y rather than smooth. But, full-bodied as it is, this brew retains the thirst-quenching quality that some amber lagers lose. Millennium Buzz has relatively lazy bubbles that give it a velvety mouthfeel. This brew avoids falling flat because of its bittersweet flavour.

Cool Beer Brewing Company: Millennium Buzz Beer – Last Sip

Dark though it is, since it’s a good thirst-quencher Millennium Buzz is a great brew to enjoy in place of your usual beer. Switch out your regular suds for this tasty brew and enjoy it alongside whatever pub fare you enjoy most. This is also a great beer to enjoy with some chips and dip. Its easy-drinking quality and complex taste demand snacks.

At 5% ABV in 341-mL bottles, you should be able to have a few of these beers and still recall the last millennium, unless you were born in 1999. And, since Millennium Buzz Beer doesn’t have a strong aroma, you’re not committing any crimes by drinking this brew straight from the bottle.

Michael Bedford
Michael Bedford
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