Based on what I've read about them, this is a great gose! But don't buy this for your lager- or IPA-only friends. They may be upset that you've given them such a wheat-y beer.



Collective Arts Brewing: Prophets & Nomads Gose – A Wheaty Review

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Collective Arts Brewing has been a welcome addition to the craft brewing scene since it opened. Almost as concerned with promoting local and independent artists as they are with brewing tasty beer, Collective Arts Brewing provides not only artisan brewers but also musical and visual artists an opportunity to display their work for an interested public. Check out my review of their Ransack the Universe IPA for more information on their brewery. Today I’m reviewing Collective Arts’ Prophets & Nomads Gose. I’ve never reviewed a gose, so I’m excited to give it a shot.

Collective Arts Brewing: Prophets & Nomads – First Sip

Prophets & Nomads pours a cloudy yellow colour with a thick layer of foam that dissipates over time to a thin film. I smell a faint lemony aroma as I take my first sip. Prophets & Nomads’ flavour matches its aroma: this brew is quite tart at first, giving way to a comparatively sweet finish. The salt and coriander are just noticeable, providing a subtle kick. And, with its tart flavour, Prophets & Nomads doesn’t need a lot of fizz to give it a smooth and crisp mouthfeel.

Collective Arts Brewing: Prophets & Nomads – Last Sip

At times tasting more to me like a Sprite or 7-Up than a beer, this brew probably isn’t a good pick for the lager-only scene. Prophets & Nomads is a great beer for somebody looking to expand their beer repertoire: I know I sometimes get sick of my usual APAs and pilsners. At 4.5% ABV in 473 mL cans, this is a great brew to have a couple of. And, with its surprisingly tart flavour, you might be looking to switch to something a bit sweeter after the one or two you have. I recommend enjoying Prophets & Nomads with some dark chocolate, savoury meats, or some old cheeses. Its sour taste goes best with other strong flavours.

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