Check Out ‘BaadFood,’ Kickstarter’s Latest “Off-Kilter Sci-Fi Comic”

Kickstarter has become a go-to place to find the next great comic. It’s given writers and artists a place to bring their dreams to life, and given fans a place to support the medium they love.

One of these comics is BaadFood, a sci-fi series out of London that you can fund here. Writer Nic Ho Chee describes the series:

The story follows two music obsessed, human standard, twenty somethings, Roy and Kev, who find themselves stuck working in a government job scheme amongst robots, altered humans, machine intelligences and an ageing population that have taken all the best jobs.

An unfortunate set of events leads the protagonists to become poster boys for a group of neu-human extremists who want to evolve all humans, and destroy the sentient machines sharing the planet.  Roy and Kev really just want to make music, wear nice trainers, party, and do whatever minimum work they need to keep getting their Citizen’s Wage, but they find themselves having to deal with dangerous and surreal situations using the limited skills they have.

Check out the first few pages of issue one, and get to know the creative team:

Nic Ho Chee (Writer and Producer) is a writer and professional developer of apps and games who loves all things comic-based.  He has a blog over at Shapejam, is one of the curators at TEFOSAV and is active on Twitter as @funcrandm.

Angelo “Bong” Ty Dazo (Pencils and Inks) is a professional penciller, inker and colourist from the Philippines. He brings nearly thirty years worth of experience to the project, and has worked for Marvel on Thunderbolts, Deadpool, Deadpool Corps and Deadpool: Merc With A Mouth, on Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and DC’s Flash. Angelo can be sometimes found over at Deviantart.

Davi Comodo (Colourist) is a professional colourist who has been drawing all his life. After a couple of years working in advertising, he decided to work on what he always wanted to since childhood; Comic books. He has been working in comics for about 3 years. His works include Katie Greaven and The Engine Men, Battle Star Gallactica: Starbuck, Sons of Chaos, and Mage Inc.  Check out Davi’s Deviantart, and you can find him on his webite,

Ken Reynolds (Letterist) is a letterer and graphic designer. He lives and works in Suffolk, UK. He has lettered for many independent publishers and creators including work for Grayhaven Comics, Insane Comics & Arcana.  Ken also edits Sliced Quarterly and has been running Kickstarters to print his Cognition series  You can catch up with Ken on his website KenReynoldsDesign.

Again, you can see more and fund BaadFood issue one now by heading here. The Kickstarter campaign ends on Monday, May 22 at 1:15 PM ET.

Anthony Composto - EIC
Anthony Composto - EIC
Editor-in-Chief for Monkeys Fighting Robots. A lifelong fan of Spider-Man and the Mets, Anthony loves an underdog story. He earned his B.A. in English because of his love for words, and his MBA because of his need for cash. He considers comics to be The Great American Art Form, and loves horror movies, indie dramas, action/thrillers, and everything in between.