Today On Netflix: Your Cure For Avoiding The Search Hole

“No, no, hmmm, no.” Does this sound like you every night while scrolling through Netflix? “I feel like a comedy, but I heard this documentary is good.” Precious minutes go by as your window between “adulting” and “sleeping” slowly closes. This is the search-hole! The king of streaming content shows now signs of making it any easier for us to decide on what to watch. As the content grows so does the search-hole but we’re here to pull you out before it’s too late!

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Asian Connection – 2016
Back in the early 90s, steely Steven Seagal went toe-to-toe on a yearly basis with the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Vandamme, and Stallone. When things shifted into more CG-enhanced, larger scale action, Seagal dwindled. At the start of that CG-era, Michael Jai White starred as Spawn. The pair of action legends come together in a crime thriller set in Cambodia. What unfolds is a solid action film that’s worthy of 90 minutes of your night.


Asoka – 2001
In the late 90s, Bollywood began appearing on cinephile radars. It isn’t long before India, and the surrounding region became the most prolific producers of films, beating out Nigeria (#2) and Hollywood (#3). India’s rise, though, wasn’t due to quantity, but quality. Asoka is an epic story told in the way that the only Bollywood could pull off. Bollywood films pay attention to the fundamentals of filmmaking meaning, even with a language barrier, the narrative is vividly expressed through the visuals.


Horrid Henry: The Movie
It’s a little hard to critique films made for kids. The under-10 generation is a finicky bunch, so it’s hard to predict what they’ll like. By my estimation, and if you believe Netflix’s star rating, Horrid Henry is pretty horrid. But it’s silly and fun, and maybe your kids will like it.




Mystery Science Theater 3000 (Season 1)
One of the most cult classic of cult classic shows, MST3K as the cool kids call it, is a fun thing to binge. One of the great things about MST3K, particularly during a binge marathon, is that you don’t need to watch it, so much as pop in and out and listen to the hilarious running commentary from hosts Joel and Mike along with their robot companions. MST3K doesn’t require so much attention that it’ll keep you from doing other things, but is guaranteed to make you laugh anytime you do watch.


Ken Burns: The West (Season 1)
If you’re looking for something a little more serious and informational, look no further. Legendary documentary filmmaker and namesake of that effect in iMovie, Ken Burns chronicles the rich history of the American West. As with any Burns doc, expect rich imagery and in-depth narrative that’ll lead you through what life was like centuries ago in North America.


Lucha Underground (Seasons 1 & 2)
Wrestling fans rejoice! If WWE isn’t enough for you, then Netflix offers up Lucha Underground. An old-school wrestling show that’s taped in front of a live audience and intercut with scenes of wrestlers shouting out dialogue and advancing the story. Airing regularly on the El Rey Network, and the brainchild of producer Mark Burnett, Lucha: Underground is high-octane wrestling action with almost no commercial interruptions during matches!

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