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As an infant, Elliott Serrano was rocketed to Earth from a dying planet. Upon arrival, he was subsequently exposed to cosmic rays, bitten by a radioactive spider and raised by apes. His tenuous mastery of the language you humans call ”English” came from years of watching Saturday morning kid shows and reading comic books. Already on the path to becoming a member of the socially awkward sub-sect called ”geeks and nerds”, his fate was sealed when he saw the movie Star Wars. When he is not fighting evil, saving the damsel in distress, or creating a device to prevent the Earth’s destruction by runaway meteorite, he searches for geek/nerd/comic-culture topics and events for his blog Geek To Me which first originated in the Chicago RedEye, a sib of the Chicago Tribune. He has been christened the “King of Geeks” in Chicago by sports tv/radio host Laurence Holmes; been dubbed “Chicago’s Clark Kent” by Eisner Award-winning artist Gene Ha; and is the “Chief Geek Officer” for the “Pretty Late with Patti Vasquez” Show on WGN 720 AM Radio Chicago. He also writes comic books, most recently the “Adventures of Grumpy Cat & Pokey” and “Army of Darkness” monthly series for Dynamite Entertainment; hosts a number of shows on YouTube; is a former “geek-dating & relationships” columnist for BleedingCool.com; and is the former associate editor and graphic artist for the comic & pop-culture website ComicsWaitingRoom.com. You can find him on Facebook (Facebook.com/Elliott.Serrano) and Twitter (@ElliottSerrano). As Chicago’s reigning Top Geek, Elliott awaits a suitable challenger to take him on for the title. He is also accepting applications for a sidekick.

Review: SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY – A Solid Foundation

Well, that’s the last time I ever believe the internet. See, going into the press screening of SOLO: A Star Wars Story, I’d heard that the film was going to be a mess. The film switched directors near the end of production. The lead couldn’t act. It was even said that Lucasfilm head Kathleen Kennedy’s position was being threatened.