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Comic book reader, reviewer and critic. Waiting patiently for the day they announce 'Doctor Who on The Planet of the Apes'.

Review: SUPERGIRL #36 Is Back In Black…Metal?

When people talk about the pros and cons of Event comics, Supergirl #36 from DC Comics could be used as a prime example of both the good and the bad.

Review: MARAUDERS #2 Welcomes In The Red Queen

Marauders is a good old fashioned pirate romp with added mutant shenanigans, in both senses of the word. 

Review: Early Festive Frolics In DOCTOR WHO 13th DOCTOR HOLIDAY SPECIAL

The Doctor is the perfect holiday hero; she is full of wonder and excitement but there is a serious side, glimpsed briefly just beneath the surface. 

Review: COFFIN BOUND #4 Darkly Comic To The Bitter End

Coffin Bound is more than entertainment, it is a comic book therapy session that you may not know you needed.

Review: PANDEMICA #2 When World Domination Goes Wrong

Mixing modern political concerns with theoretical end world scenarios, Pandemica is a hard hitting apocalypse story that cuts close to the bone.

When Is A Movie Not A Movie? The Beauty Of Comic Book Adaptations

Times have changed, however, comic book adaptations of movies haven’t gone away, instead they have evolved over time, embracing endless possibilities.

Review: Constantine Struggles With Consequences In The HELLBLAZER SPECIAL #1

With this Hellblazer Special, DC Comics continue to do the old Vertigo crowd justice with yet another brilliant Sandman Universe comic.

Review: INVISIBLE KINGDOM #6 A Glorious New Adventure Awaits

Invisible Kingdom continues to be a majestic read. It is entertaining and thought provoking with a unique visual flair. 

Review: MARAUDERS #1 Breaks Loose And Sets Sail

With Marauders, Duggan and Co. stamp their mark on the X-World early on, making this comic very much their own.

Review: HORDE Pits Mother Against Daughter In A Horror Ensemble

Horde is an enjoyable read and easy to digest in a single sitting

Review: TOMMY GUN WIZARDS #3 Brings Magic To The Darkest Of Places

Part Mob movie, part fantasy story, part visually exuberant science fiction tale. Tommy Gun Wizards celebrates all of these influences

Review: HIT GIRL Season 2 #9 Provides Beauty And Horror In Equal Measure

Like a spirit of vengeance crossed with the A-Team, Hit Girl  (from Image Comics) prowls the streets of India looking for someone who needs her services.