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This review will feature both episode 35 and 36 of Attack On Titan. How is the show fairing as it moves towards its season finale? Very, very well.


With the scouts hot on their heals, Reiner and Bertholdt have no choice but to run. If they have any hope of getting way, they will have to get help from Ymir. Unfortunately, Ymir will not go anywhere without taking care of some unfinished business.

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Ymir finds a way to steal this episode thanks to her backstory. From her tragic origin to her struggle to survive in the world the emotions run high. The story will easy sway many audience members to sympathize with her blight and not care of the terrible choices she has made to further her goals.


If there was a single episode which encapsulated the best this show has to offer it would be this one. From the intense emotions of the characters to the mind blowing action, everything which caused the entire world to fall in love with the show is here. Why must it end for the year next week?

As characters are fighting for their lives in a race against time, Commander Erwin shows why some characters hail him as the last hope of humanity. Despite Mikasa being as focused as a laser in effort to get Eren back, Erwin finds a way to do the impossible and leave the audience gasping in surprised. It’s an episode which needs to be seen to be believed.

With only one episode left a full review of this season will come soon. The hardest part will be not being bitter about how the show is going to leave us hungry for more. Especially when we don’t know when there will be a season three.

Attack on Titan: Season Two is streaming on Crunchyroll.